August 4, 2013

ZLZ LOVE is another great clothing website that I visited recently. I'm an online shopper addict and if you are, you got to check out this site too. Especially if you are looking to buy something not too pricey yet fashionable, this is THE site to get hooked on! I picked out a black shift dress that would be most practical for work. As usual, I like to style it up with a jacket or some accessories to change up the look. What do you think of my version? 

My 10 reasons why we should shop online:
1) Buy our favorite dress at any hour we like. Even when everyone is asleep. 
2) Always finding the best deals. More sales online.
3) New arrivals every week.
4) Trend-forecasting on the latest looks. Save $$ on magazines. 
5) Parcel reaches your doorstep.
6) Can shop worldwide.
7) No need to wait in the queue.
8) Save on car petrol and parking.
9) Saves you a lot of time.
10) Free shipping!!

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