August 18, 2013


THE NUMBER TEESH FOR THIS SEASON - By Made with soft comfortable jersey and its dropped shoulders for a perfect dress down. Add a bandana for a personal taste. Got get yourself a teesh at this address Only for $30.99, what a steal for good quality. 

Here's some questions popped in my head. A short get-to-know-me-more session.

White, milk, dark chocolate mocha, which one? - Dark chocolate for me. 
City or nature person? - City
Do you swear in front of your parents? - Nope
Madonna or Lady Gaga? - Madonna in the 80s
Sugar or no sugar? - Not at all
Cereals or Toast for breakfast? - Toasted peanut butter for sure.
If you can teleport to somewhere, where would it be? - Iceland
Beer or Wine? - Chilled white wine
What's your favorite part of a guy's body? Chest
If you could have an illegal pet, what would it be? - Baby Leopard just like Cartier's
Bad habit? - Picking on my face
Geography or History? - I suck at both.

Share some of your secrets with you if you like =)

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