September 2, 2014


I am in love with Bangkok, Thailand once again after missing out in the past 3 years. 
Had to share this beautiful place I found with all of you - CASA LAPIN X 26 on Sukhumvit soi 26. I read that in recent years that there had been cafes sprouting all over this land. Been to countless cafes, this place is on top of my to-go list now. This place not only had a cafe but also a florist, restaurant, office and hostel (all-in-one). Flowers for HAPPY SEPTEMBER!

ps: Hope everyone's getting on well especially to those who have been so supportive! 
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Just a couple of stalks to decor my room =) 
Above is the cafe area. Having a nice cuppa of green latte.
Above is the One Day Wallflower fleur shop. Flowers were selling for 80 - 150baht depending on the type of breed. To buy a bouquet, it cost around 700 - 1200baht. There were many to choose from. 
Above the office area that I have mentioned. Reminded me so much of KINFOLK magazine & their copy-write team. How nice to have a work station like that! #dream
My travel read // design anthology book 2

June 23, 2014


You know its the OOTD moment when you chanced on a nice back wall while driving through the streets. I am feeling so unfamiliar / distant with blog write-ups and outfit posts just when I was writing this paragraph. Even my photographer aka Hubby had to spend time adjusting to get the right lighting for these shots. But we still had fun reminiscing the numerous times we argued over a bad photo or an awful angle. 

Gone are those days when blogging was such a rave and talking point for most fashionistas. Everyone that I knew here are seen more often more on Instagram lately. I can't say enough how things have changed in a short time. Time is moving so rapidly that I hardly find time to prepare blog content. Soon, we might just be buying everything off the mobile phone even for grocery! No point of contact, just ourselves and smartphone. 

You should watch this video as it really hit me hard about how my life is so attached to my mobile phone. Undeniably true! 

May 5, 2014


I know its been months since my last blog post. So sorry! Just to keep you all up to speed, Ive shifted all my time and attention to build my network on my instagram platform @issatchieu. Ive been on it for the longest time but never really establish a close relationship with it. And now that this social platform is populating more than Facebook and Blogspot, I decided to work harder on it. 

Below are some screen shots of my Daily Instagram Feed. To sum it all up, below are some things that I've been obsessed recently. The list goes like this:
  • Flower arrangements - Put most of my lunch money on flowers every week. Lol. Flowers are very expensive in Singapore.
  • Black & White - Minimalism is current look & feel from clothings, home decor to bags.
  • Marble DIY stickers - Just today, I diy-ed my macbook and handphone with marble. 
  • Chanel - "We all can't get enough of it."- quoted by Ms Lucy Kennedy. 

For those who wish to keep in touch with me, please add me in Instagram @issatchieu so that I can follow and connect with you closely. I miss all your stories so hope to see you all there!

I will come round to this space once in a while. But Instagram will still be my priority space of expression. Have a good week ahead be it work or school!! 

March 2, 2014


Been eyeing for a pastel trench especially this Spring. I recently found my love for shopping in Korea. Everywhere was selling Neoprene, Neoprene and MORE Neoprene clothing. I enjoy wearing them since they serve to be quite low maintenance. Able to endure several machine washing & no need much ironing. My all-time fashion staple for now.

'Y' satchel // Saint Laurent
Heels // Ann Deumeulemeester
Shades // Saint Laurent
Neoprene Top & Skirt // Korea 
Trench // Yesstyle

February 8, 2014


Wearing DKNY X Opening Ceremony Outfit today. This is the 3rd season DKNY has paired up with Opening Ceremony for a collaborated capsule. Including accessories like caps/shoes/bags. I am proud to be wearing their limited edition. Creative Director, Humberto Leon for Opening Ceremony together with stylist Jay Massacret curated the collection together. Both New York Companies combining their innovations. Making these looks very relevant and street modern with the black and white color theme.

They are now exclusively available at both DKNY & Opening Ceremony stores. You can also visit OC's website - to check out the designs. 

Prices are ranging from $90-$730. You have from leather backpacks, handbags, heeled sneakers and unisex platform sneakers. Sweater & Cap were my picks. It makes a perfect weekender look anytime. Thank you CLUB 21 for this pleasurable opportunity!

Pairing this outfit with Nike Airforce Trainers / Adidas Track pants / Balenciaga Gold Rim Mini City / Saint Laurent Shades.