July 28, 2013


Every weekend without fail, I make a point to hunt down newly opened bistro cafes and bars and eventually became one of my favorite pastime. Since I've always been talking only about my outfits for  its about hell time I share about my weekend lifestyle apart from my wardrobe. Right now, I am about to show you snippets of cafes that I hung out at recently. Instead of going to ONE, I decided to cafe-hop to 4 different cafes on a Saturday. I could hardly warm my seat at every stop! 

Side note: For those who plans to visit Singapore soon, do hook me up for some nice aromatic coffee or brunch via email. I forgot to tell you I even have a cafe diary listing all places I have visited in Singapore and Overseas. This is easier for me who has "short-term" memory. How about yourself? Any cool cafes to share with me? 

1st stop - D'good Cafe @Hollandvillage
Ol' time English breakfast, Egg benedict & two cafe latte. Teddy bear says Good Morning!
We found two indoor swings right in the cafe. Definitely sets itself apart from the other cafes. Rating: 7/10

2nd stop - PS Cafe Petit @Tiong Bahru
This is probably the 3rd branch in Singapore. The waiter was kind to explain why the word "Petit". Every food is packed in take-away boxes for quick lunches and stop-overs for drinks. Nice petite bar but huge kitchen behind counter. Wine bottles were on sale at affordable prices too. Ordered myself a pizza pocket with roast chicken and two glasses of Sileni Chardonnay. Rating: 6/10

3rd stop - Green Door @Dempseyhill
From the entrance to the sofa, everything was speaking of eco-friendliness. There we saw a kitty having her afternoon nap just next to us. They had this wall of drawers which was hand-made by piecing one by one onto the blank wall. Pretty cool work. You gotta love this! Ordered truffle fries, corn prawn fritters, miso-cured toro sashimi and cocktails. Rating: 8/10

4th stop - Chock full of beans @Changivillage
Too full to stuff any food. So we ended up ordering just two cafe lattes. With MINIONS from despicable me movie!!! Cuuuuteeeee, sweet ending :) Rating: 8/10
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