August 24, 2013


Been pushing myself to exercise more these few weeks or so. You know how every bone starts to ache when you sit around too much in the office. Legs are always giving up on me whenever I put my faith in them on a treadmill. But, I am still persistent with my slow but consistent routine. Trying very hard to stick to a healthy, eat clean diet and exercise regime. There are so many motivation quotes on tumblr which got my lazy bones moving.
"Exercise like a beast, body like a beauty"
"Train mean, get lean, eat clean"
"The body achieves what your mind believes"
Hope you be inspired to motivate and train yourself for your own well-being. There is no need to skip meals. It is all about discipline and eating in moderation. Horizontal stripes always make any girl look really fat but Zara skirt's slim fit changed my mind. I am currently obsessed with Zara and of course keeping a healthy lifestyle. 
Crop top // Zara
Stripes pencil skirt // Zara
Transparent heel shoes // Jeffrey Campbell
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