July 14, 2013


Had a week's break. Now I've returned with a white look. Hair's turned grey, moods turned white. But all things are good this week. Finally some "me" time to my blog. Have to say I've been crazy about my latest buys - Silver lunch bag & White heels. There's no way I cannot not get them. If you havent noticed, I'm quite a careful shopper. I seldom go impulsive on shopping. Even for brands, I think about it for awhile before heading to the boutique. Especially when you can find out the prices online easily these days. There's so much of price comparison to do before making a purchase. Of course, when I travel for holidays, I become 'aggressive' so as not to regret not buying. *laughs hard.

What type of a shopper are you?
1) Peer influence - Your bff tells you that you should get them and you pay up.
2) Decisive - Buy the moment you try it on.
3) Contemplative - Have 2nd thoughts, worrying about whether it's worth the money or practicality.
4) Impulsive - Buy and think later. 

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