June 30, 2013


Everyday I am seeing someone wearing the undercut look and even the recent music video by Miley Cyrus. As always and I'm sure to most women, we all get bored with our hair quite easily. To tell you the truth, I was so bored on Saturday thinking how I could spend it differently. Almost 3/4 of the day was at home doing pretty much nothing. Then I decided to follow my gut feeling by doing a haircut never in my life I have done before. 

I am NEVER lucky with good hairstylists. Each time I visit the salon, I always walk out feeling depressed or disappointed. Maybe I just have too much expectations for myself. But, this time I am extremely pleased with the end results. She was a female stylist and very meticulous in every step of the haircut. If you look at my instagram shot, you would have noticed her white/black hairdo too. That was the reason I picked her. If she can take pride in doing her hair, she will do the same for her customer. I was right about my judgement. I would highly recommend her.

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