June 23, 2013


YVES SAINT LAURENT has been rebranded as SAINT LAURENT ever since Hedi Slimane became the designer of this fashion house in 2012. Back in the 60s, it was originally called Saint Laurent. With all due respect and admiration to this man who made such a controversial move to the brand in a short span of time. New packaging, labels and design aesthetics that catered to the millenials. I had to keep up by rewarding myself some stylish pieces. The teesh was actually for men but it fitted me perfectly (sz M). I suppose I don't mind it loose fitting. You will probably see them in my next post.

Hedi Slimane told Wallpaper -
"It made sense today to transpose these principles and recover the original name and typeface. ‘The name Rive Gauche disappeared in the past then resurfaced several times. It seems intrinsic to the universe of Yves Saint Laurent, without it being useful to refer to it literally today. We thus went to the essential, a name that is written as it is spoken every day: Saint Laurent, unequivocally."

If you're searching for more minimalistic designs, look up MMM in shop bop. They are one of the favourite brand with such essentials. 
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