May 11, 2013


Never knew about Sheinside until few days ago. There are just too many fashion sites these days that I find it hard to keep up with. And most of the time, I tend to compare the prices across a few sites. I have to say that Sheinside has achieved a balance of both fashion forward trends and reasonable pricing. Able to look stylish without hurting your pockets too much. There's no need to wear branded clothes everyday in my opinion. It is about dressing your personality. 

I have picked out pieces that would be perfect for a weekend especially on my lazy mornings. Best of all, these clothings don't crease as much as shirts/jackets. That means no need for ironing/steaming! My aim is to look my best without looking sloppy. If you realised, I even had a color theme going on here - White, silver and blue. Can you imagine me in them? Soon, I will be receiving a parcel of surprises from Sheinside. Excited. 


I've been seeing so many cat faces on clothes and clutches. Felt this had a fierce yet cute cat features. Most importantly, it comes in white (my favorite colour). 

I see this design for the 100th time but it never goes wrong. Timeless and edgy. This really speaks for itself.

So much hype on the slogan. They even have a facebook acct. I have a cap to match this. Now thats a good reason to buy. 

The uneven frays attracted me most. Every girl's must-have for Summer. It must be this particular blue for me. Nothing lighter.

Punk and minimalistic at the same time. Mix it with the rivet bracelet for contrast. A "mini" armswag. 

I like that its adjustable to my liking. Prefer it loose fitting to go with the whole punk, casual look. 

Remember buying some of these the first time and they were extremely comfortable when worn altogether. Wouldnt mind another set.  

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