May 18, 2013


Return with darkness this time. Been talking about doing a black on black look for awhile and this is my version today *finally. A combination of a long black and handkerchief hemline wrap with some silver/transparent accessories to compliment.

Aside from the look, I have a question to all bloggers/friends. As a blogger, I often struggle to find the right setting/background for the look I desire. Especially in Singapore where everywhere looks so green and tropical! It can get on my nerves on certain days. Do you have such frustrations too? Thankfully, this time I was lucky to find myself this minimalistic showroom nearby my house. I wish I’m THIS lucky everytime. Have a good weekend & all the best in whatever you are doing, my beautiful friends.

In case you're wondering about the tattoo. It is not permanent. I was supporting a design community called the Dottinghill. They created a fb space for designers to post their own creations and if it generates many likes, it will be printed for sale. This wolf was my favorite among others.

Below are some clutches you can look up if you feel inspired to get something similar =)

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