May 6, 2013


Yesterday at H&M, Yvan Rodic made his appearance for his new book launch. A year in the life of Facehunter. This book is about exploring new inspiration from architecture, food and parties apart from his street photography. Covering 30 over cities including Tokyo, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Beirut, Seoul, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, etc. Just to name a few. 

 For those who doesn't know him, he started out as a blogger for He would walk on streets for hours looking for 'creatively' dressed people and he complies these photos into a book.

Just to share with you on the introduction page which I found very interesting. He was on his way to Oslo, one of the safest and wealthiest cities in the world. And his laptop was stolen from his hotel room in broad daylight. Six months later, the police found his laptop with a picture of the thief on his wallpaper. Only managed to retrieve half a million photos he took. Its a miracle, isnt it? I wouldn't know how to feel if I had mine lost too.    

It was great meeting him in person and had a little conversation about his book and my blog. He had my book signed and even took pictures of me with his camera. I felt the whole experience was so surreal. 

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