April 27, 2013


You should already know by now my latest obsession. Transparent clutch, plexi heels and translucent sweat top. Evidently showing how crazy I am with this trend. Even experimenting my hair with a purple streak on one side.

When all things are see-through, you tend to be a little cautious of what is underneath. lol. Even the top, I took the risk to wear it with a bandeau to give it some contrast. I think I have rekindled my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes again. They were getting a little too boring with those heavy wedges and Litas. But lately they created more simple, sleek designs to my liking! Do check them out below.  

These street shots were taken in Hongkong, Tsim Sha Tsui. One of my most enjoyable shots on my travels. Hope you feel the same.

One more day to my BIRTHDAY (28th April)!! Woot!

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