April 1, 2012


Obsessed with WHITE CRISPY LOOK this spring. Here's my very own rendition pairing with the American flag trainers. Yes, I did it with a white blazer and not the expected denim jeans which many would have go for. You guys gotta own these shoes and experience it yourself. I get all kinds of stares when Im out with it. It's hilarious when you see their faces with raised brows. Hope you guys like this look I created and could possibly be inspired to create your own style from this. 
Lately, I've been getting so sick of my black hair. ARGH. Need to color it ash purple or pink LOL. Dont you get such moods too? 
By the way, the Marni x H&M blog giveaway has come to an end. And The WINNER *drum rolling...... is none other than Ms Tatianna Biggi from Italy. I believe she'll wear it proud. 
Do know that the result was auto-generated by Rafflecopter.com. For those who did not win it this time, do not be too disheartened. I promise there will be more of such giveaways in future. Perhaps, I could do a 3 in 1 giveaway the next time so everyone stands more chances.

Its April's fool day too! Did you get a prank or two today? *tongue-in-cheek
Leaping off in my wing trainers!!! :D It was my photographer's idea btw.

Trying different angles but realised I look FAT from UNDER. No next time. :)


// Henry Holland for Le Specs Sunglasses //
// Jeremy Scott 2.0 x Adidas trainers //
// White Blazer madeinkorea //
// White Shorts madeinkorea //
// Lime green shirt madeinkorea //
// Colorblocking sweater madeinkorea //
// YSL ring in black //
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