March 10, 2012


Hi All!! I know everyone has been waiting to hear about my first blog giveaway. And its finally happening here!! *Drum rolling...*

will be given away to ONE lucky winner. 

I am taking this opportunity to show my appreciation to all my beloved followers as each one of you deserves to be pampered with an exclusive and limited edition gift such as this. This gift was bought with much love as I spent 8 hours queuing for it. What's more, this pair of earrings will come in a transparent green mint box with tags. All brand new! ! 

You have to scroll down to the end of the post and log in via facebook or email to participate.
For each entry you make, it will help you to gain points. Whoever gets the most entry points, He/She will stand a better chance.

Leave a blog post comment
Follow my blog via Google Connect
Follow @issatchieu on twitter
Follow me on Bloglovin'
Add me in facebook
Tweet about the Giveaway

Don't forget to leave me your email address, so that I can contact you! 

The WINNER will be announced once the giveaway ends on 31st March 2012.
Gift will then be shipped out to Winner's home address within 48hours. Of course, I will notify the winner via email. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

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Anonymous said...

OOOh I love it so much!

hope to win ^^

(fb name: Pulizie DiPrimavera
follow on gfc e bloglovin but unfortunately I haven't twitter :( hope it's all good)

I love my old Levi's said...
I've done all the extra entries

lucia m said...

love the earrings!

TrueLoveComesOnlyinBoutique said...

nice earrings !

ressu/sini said...

(Fb name: Sini emilia maria metsälä)

caise said...

wow such a great giveaway!:)

The Little Magpie said...

They're beautiful! I follow via GFC and bloglovin' :)


Maiken said...

well, I would love to win your giveaway because it would give me a chance to own something that I can't buy myself (unless I travel to another country..which is unlikely because my first vacation this year will arrive in the end of May). and yeah, those earrings simply are so classy and edgy! I would wear them with great proud, hehe ;)

anyway, I followed all the steps which don't concern Twitter (I don't have this). and my e-mail is

Maikeni blogi - part of me

StaceyKo said...

love those earrings! hope to be the lucky one! :)

Shawna Hynes said...

Such a lovely giveaway & obviously a lot of care behind it as you waited in line for these! I adore these earrings - they are such beauties! Would love to win :)

<3 Shawna

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's beautiful!

Kyla said...

Great giveaway! These earrings are beautiful :)

A Life Un-Styled said...

These are gorgeous!

A Life Un-Styled said...

Added you as a friend on FB :)

ressu/sini said...

omg so increadable work of art

(fb name: rebekka madisson)

Tupiddog said...

Love it .. Love it... Awesome giveaway.. *fingers crossed* i win too ...

Unknown said...

cute fun blog you have!

The giveaway is just gorgeous!

I'm a follower. Follow me back?!

Kaylie said...

Oh!!! I love the style and color of Marni :D
Followed on fb as Kaylie Nguyen

ckaylie777 at hotmail dot com

Joyful said...

These are very cute earrings.

I tweeted about your giveaway, Issa.
I also follow your blog in my google reader, rather than google connect.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Arika Yasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arika Yasmine said...

Thanks for inviting me join the giveaway :) I want to have this beautiful Marni items as I'm a university student here and honestly I don't go shopping that much for saving my money unless for buying food. If I have this I will tell my mum and we will share together, which will be very nice. My sister's wedding is also coming up and I will wear this if I can get it during her wedding. I will be very glad to get this Marni collection by my hands! I really wish to win this giveaway :)

- I have followed your blog via google connect with my name Arika Yasmine (
- I have followed your twitter from @arikayasmine
- Too bad I don't have any bloglovin :(
- I have added you on Facebook Arika Yasmine
- My email address is
- Last of all, I have tweeted about this giveaway :)

Chunky Cat said...

thanks for the amazing giveaway! :)definitely entering! the earrings are absolutely gorgeous, i'm obsessed with jewellery and these earrings are simply the perfect statement piece! xx.

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

nice earrings! too bad my ears are a bit sensitive


Unknown said...

I've done everything my dear!
My mail:
My fb: Tatiana Biggi
My twitter: @TatiLovesPearls
My blog:

I really hope to win these lovely earrings!!

mirel said...

wow love it!
great giveaway dear!

Unknown said...

wow!!! so great! I want it too:D
thank you for visit me:)

Nataša said...

simply find youre blog and liked giveaway and that's it :)

Anonymous said...

greatt prize!
i dont have twitter other wise i would enter :/
please check out my new blogpost

Danielle V. said...

I'd love to win these gorgeous earrings because with my new short hair I'd totally rock them! I think they'd be perfect for a New York City date with my boyfriend :)


blondebenedicte said...

thank you so much, really :)

ps: really nice & perticular earrings! :)
bisous xxx

Raquel said...

I really love this collection and these earrings are really cute!!


Marta said...

They're gorgeous, but I have them :D Nice blog!

Inés said...

Wow! Great giveaway! I´m on...
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Big hugs!

sorelle in style said...

Ah what an amazing giveaway!

Entered! :)

sorelle in style

Aurelia said...

wow love this earrings

Reptilia said...


Thanks for your lovely comment!
Love these earrings!

I'm following you, it would be cool if you follow me back!


KAT said...

those earrings are absolutely gorgeous!

Katherine Hsu
twitter: ktshoe

Daniella said...

Oooo love them!!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Francesca Giusti said...

love the earrings and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Leonor said...

wonderful giveaway:))


lacasitadecolor said...

hola te invito a seguir mi blog! estoy empezando y me gustaria que participaras en el! hay un concurso de holy preppy! espero que te guste bss

Unknown said...

Love this giveaway! I hope I win *fingers crossed*

M said...

i need to win this!
i dont have my ears pierced!
need clip ons!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic giveaway hun. All the best to all the contestants!!! ^_^

Fashion Pad said...

Fab earrings. Awesome giveaway hunni!

Unknown said...

the earrings is so flawless !! really love it <3
fb: Angelica Hennata

My secret shopping said...

So pretty!

Adhysti K Zamira said...

Done following you via Google Connect (

Done following you on Bloglovin (

Done following you on twitter (@adiisilly)

Add you in facebook (Adhysti Kartika Zamira)

Tweet this giveaway!/adiisilly/status/178867207986622464

Wish me luck <3
Adhysti KZ

Unknown said...

--------------- I'd LOVE to win these earrings because unfortunately, my local H&M didn't carry the line.

--- Nicole O.

Project Curve said...

cool giveaway

just me said...

great giveaway. i'm in ;)

Martina said...

do itt =)

Baby Budget Blog said...

I'm so upset I didn't get a chance to grap any of these pieces :( You're so lucky! Thanks for entering my giveaway!! Followed you back on Twitter (I already follow you on Bloglovin and GFC)!

Walking In May said...

Those Marni earrings look lovely....almost an art deco feel to it!
Thanks for the follow sweety! Following you back on Bloglovin, Twitter, Google connect and Facebook now! Have a fabulous week and do stop by again soon!
May x

Style Servings said...

Followed on Twitter, added on facebook an tweeted about it here:!/StyleServings/status/179223729518288896

So exciting, these were my favourites from the collection!

noone said...

those earrings are so pretty! I envy that you have an H&M in your city!!

amy b.s. said...

those earrings are so great!

Gih Gavazzi said...

aiiii tão lindo
fiquei apaixonada

yiqin; said...

omg i want!

Unknown said...

it's a really lovely giveaway!Thanks a lot for stopping by me, what about to follow each other?

Jiglycious said...

i've done everything
my faceboo; arianti arie
email :
twitter: @jiglycious
bloglovin: jiglycious

wish me luck


Unknown said...

this is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


charlotte said...

Those earrings are so beautiful!


Mica said...

Great giveaway! :)

Victoria said...

Such a great giveaway! The earrings are amazing =)

- Victoria

Unknown said...

these earrings are FAB!!! So cute love it:)

Sabrina M said...

aww love it. wanna follow each other?

Unknown said...

Hello!!! Tnx for opportunity! Did it all already :) just need to tweet! Tnx for the awesome comment, you're my star blogger too!!!
I'll answer on your questions on facebook tomorrow!!! Totally lookin' forward 4 our April promise :) Ivania's awesome!!!
Cheers'n' wink ;)!!!

universeandyou said...

OMG Issa ! this is so cool !! I looove those earrings !! and I'm certainly in ! Bloglovin, facebook already followed !

Just followed at google and twitter and already tweet the giveaway !!

Ellen Kaminagakura

xoxo from Ellen

Srta. Holly said...

They are very nice earrings.
I just discovered your blog and I love it.
I follow you.
A kiss from Barcelona

Clara Turbay said...

Great and simple at the same time.

Enara Girl said...

Thanks very much! I want to enter :)

Enara Girl said...

It would be great to win this prize, because the earrings are gorgeuos, I’m so nervous. I would like to win them.

Enara Girl said...

I have forgotten my email:
Thanks vey much!!

Sabrina M said...

Francesca Giusti said...

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Christine said...

great blog :) what do you think to follow each other?


SunriseLunettes said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

- I follow your blog via gfc (mychicstyle)

- I followed @issatchieu on twitter (@maitanediez)

- I followed you on bloglovin'

- And I added you on fbook(Maitane Diez Lopez)

my email is


Souphamster said...

i wanna get this to my bff! *wink wink*

Winnie said...

Aw wow great giveaway!

mojemakaze said...

lovely giveaway! lovely earrings!

Ly said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway. I hope I win :)

Anonymous said...

So cute earrings ! ^^ Of course I'll take part. I follow you back via Bloglovin' now and here's no comment - so 2 entries. :)
Plus I saw that you have Pinterest, following ! ♥

- Indie by Heart

ps. Join Birthday Giveaway

Jenaly Enns said...

great giveaway.

jenaly enns

Shaimaa said...

Love earring

MARGARET said...

These sparklers are so pretty! Would be great earrings for a fun girls night out!

The Bite Size Baker

Unknown said...

Thank you so much dear Melissa, I'm super happy to be the winner of your giveaway!
Thank you so much!!