April 14, 2012


After months of preparation and stress over my neverending checklists, I am finally getting married!!!!!!!!! I guess everything's kinda in control now. Before the big event unveils, here are some snippets of my beautifully designed Bridal Shower Tea Party. I call it my Alice In Wonderland moment except with no rabbits & hats jus like what Anika said. It was a sugar overloaded day with close friends and family. This would not have been perfect without my beloved sister, Michelle. She flew in from Canada to organize this event for me and I am MOST thankful and blessed to have her as my sister. So well thought & much effort put into it. There were tears of joy & laughters from dirty toys given by my aunts. LOL. *which i refuse to reveal in photos here. Lately Ive been so busy that I hardly had time to reply to everyone of you here. I promise I will be back once all these are over :D. And you know I would. Hence, bear with me for another few more days.
Meanwhile, Enjoy these photos my dearest ones :) I cannot wait to show you my bridal gown too. Till then...have a nice weekend all of you!!!
Cupcakes with the Bride & Groom Decor picks. 
50 Macarons - Lemon Raspberry, Pure Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, Green Tea and Rose flavors
Table setting was arranged by none other than my beloved Godmother. She has a collection of CHINA tea sets that I am jealous of!! 
The cake was GORGEOUS!!! Too perfect to be eaten I swear. And my name on it!! 
All my guests making personal love notes & wishes on the decorative papers. I am planning to frame these up and put them by the side of my new bedroom. 
Lime & Strawberry Sorbet specially prepared by Godmother. 
I feel very blessed to have a fun & crazy family bunch. They were always there for me in everything I do. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH.
After opening everyone's gifts, it was my turn to give out my shower favors.
Cute pouches made of bustier and panties :) How cute isnt it!


Joana Chaves said...

Fabulous cupcakes and maccaroons! Yay, you're getting married :)

xo Joana

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

that is what i call a bridal shower, it looks gorgeous and so so insane! absolutely perfect!!! you are glowing girl! congrats lady, it really looks fantastic

maggie said...

Such a gorgeous bridal shower! The desserts look delectable, and it looks and sounds like you had a blast :) Best wishes for your upcoming marriage!

xx maggie

Enara Girl said...

Congratulations for your bridal!!
It seems delicious and amazing party.

Daniella said...

Wow how beautiful and super pretty party!!! So happy for you :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous theme ! :) Looks like a really adorable party. I love Alice in Wonderland ♥

Indie by Heart

Male said...

I´m hungry!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! (I'm assuming you're getting married ;)
Now I'm excited to see wedding pictures ;)
Your shower was absolutely amazing, the pictures are gorgeous and the table settings even more so. All the cupcakes and cakes were so perfect! And its cool that youre blessed with such love from friends and family.
I hope you have a fantastic wedding :) (for sures)

christian said...

looks soo cute!

Lucy Kennedy said...

Amazing pictures! All the best <3

Leah said...

looks like fun! the cake was indeed beautiful

btw i just moved my blog follow back?

Joyful said...

Looks like a fabulous time had by all. You look so pretty in your tiara. I wish you all the very best on your special day. Hugs. xx

AndreiaSalim said...

I loved it, lovely!! ALICE I love this theme! :)

Take a look at the post that say how to get these little letters to confirm comments.

Maria Flicka said...

I'm so happy for you, dear! Everything is beautiful and perfect, and you have a lovely family! Congrats once again, I'm sure you'll be very happy :))
Sooo cute the pouches made of bustier and panties :D
Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your sweet comment :)
I wish you all the very best!!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


"Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

ressu/sini said...

lovely pictures!! you're so so cute!

Deepali said...

This looks amazing! Congratulations x

Maiken said...

wow, Melissa, I'm pretty speechless to be honest. I can't imagine how great everything was in real life but the photos are beyond dreamy and fairytale-like. pink is the perfect colour here. I wish you the most amazing wedding and am looking forward to seeing ALL the photos afterwards :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sveva said...

love these photos, cupcakes, macarons cake are amazing!
love the "alice" theme!


Brigita said...

everything looks amazing! The table setting, cakes and everything else! It must have been an amazing day, that you will remember for a long time.

xx Brigita

Mitha Komala said...

omg.. those macaroons, cupcakes, and cake are too cute to be eaten. im really jealous of you to be able to eat all that. sooo enchanting <33


M said...



Angela See, Angela Blog said...

That looks amazing! + Congratulations (again)

Thanks for the comment
New post: Frosty warmth

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

those food are so cute! they all look very delicious. congratulation!


aki! said...

Oh my goodness, this looks like the perfect event. Great setting, great food and all those smiling faces!

Anonymous said...

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June said...

Beautiful pictures! The cake and macaroons look super delicious! And you look soooo pretty :) Can't wait to see your wedding gown!

Unknown said...

mmmmmm....hahaha can't believe that you mentioned me!!! Good luck with wedding! I haven't colored hair yet, but will one of this days, I'm waiting for friend hairdresser to find some free time.
Cheers, enjoy & lots of fun

just me said...

everything is absolutely amazing. i wish you nothing less than happiness, happiness and happiness with your choosen One :)))


Sophie said...

It looks so beautiful - such a great post!



Liesl said...

How exciting that your big day has approached after so much planning! Yay! Looks like such a fun, and what cute cupcakes!!! So glad I stumbled upon our adorable blog! :)

Liesl said...

How exciting that your big day has approached after so much planning! Yay! Looks like such a fun, and what cute cupcakes!!! So glad I stumbled upon our adorable blog! :)

Felicita said...

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A Life Un-Styled said...

This is one of the most beautiful wedding shower pictures I've come across! You're so lucky to be surrounded by so much love Melissa <3

melissa said...

AMAZING!!!! Not only we share the same name we also share being brides to be! When are you getting married and what are you wearing?! Congratulations!! x

THE HF BLOG said...

such great pics!!! i wish i was in this party :D
wanna follow each other?


Jeannie said...

Those food really make me drool... it was a lovelky celebration. & thanks for the follow ya. I ad followed your blog too. :)

lizchewy said...

It looks like such a warm and cozy event. Not to mention all the food looks super delicious.

p/s. Please let your grandmother that the table setting was incredible.



Walking In May said...

I absolutely love a good cup of tea! Sounds like you had a fabulous hen tea party!! Really lovely photos and you looked stunning in your wedding dress sweety!!! Many many congratulations!
May xx
PS: Thaanks for the very lovely comment on my blog....you are so sweet!

Jenaly Enns said...

beautiful. looks like a fantastic day you had!!!


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SM said...

everything looks lovely - the macaroons, the tea cups, the cupcakes.. so cute =)

Rudi said...

Hmmm, I love it...:)
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Anonymous said...

love these piccs!kisses from Italy