December 11, 2011


This weekend has been quite eventful. Was at Abercrombie & Fitch Singapore Flagship store and was greeted with 20 or more shirtless hot looking models. The boys are going to be standing right outside the 4-storey high boutique for a week till the 15th Dec Launch day. The day couldnt get any better than this =) I mean seriously how often do you have so many men half naked in the streets of downtown..It happened in Germany, Japan and NOW they are here in Singapore!! Honestly I am not a fan of A&F clothes but these guys were the reason why I was there. This panther choker was a surprised gift from my fiancé. My heart melted when I received it today. So much that I wore it out for christmas shopping. It got kinda heavy on my neck at the end of the day though..haha. And at dinner I had the Créme Brûlée dessert with just the right amount of sweetness. I enjoyed it so much and am still drooling over it now...SUPERB WEEKEND FOR ME. Hope it was for you too!! xoxo
PS: I am looking forward to my work trip to Paris in January 2012 for the Salon De La Lingerie trade show. 
That guy looking at the camera was from South Carolina. Had a chat with a couple of them while taking pictures. Heard they flew in a couple of days before specially for A&F. Incredible. 
Nothing to wow about those fleece pants really but you know what I mean. LOL.


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