December 18, 2011


I've been obsessed with Céline's fox tail since forever.
So I dropped by Céline Boutique today to check if they had them in stock. Everything was on display but this fox tail key ring was nowhere to be seen. Somehow I had a inkling feeling that it was sold out. The friendly sales staff confirmed it after with a smile. Argghh why!! Probably have to get them when I go to Paris. Saw on one of the shelves, a mini classic box bag in emerald green that was selling at SGD 3,800. I swear It was the cutest size ever!! Pretty pricey for a palm size bag if you ask me. That could probably fit my dwarf hamster only. Haha! ANYWAYS, I ended up walking out empty handed T_T. 
This week's been so busy with christmas shopping that I barely had time to post new looks. Will be posting a new outfit after I received my shopping loots this coming Wednesday. Expect to see my brand new Rubber duck fur boots, leopard fur sweater and Henry Holland Le Specs. My mood will just get better by mid week..I can feel it in my bones. Pop by again to check it out. Wink!
This was the mini classic box bag that I was talking about. Almost the size of a palm. 
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