December 4, 2011


Infinity pool at the rooftop in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Gorgeous overview from the top but was unable to capture it clearly in such hazy weather.. It would be even more perfect if they served Pinacoladas. Needed a break away from the busy city and have a time of my own to reflect before 2012 arrives. Everything around is moving too fast pace and we never find the time to pause and relax. Dont you think? So here I am pampering myself a little with the beautiful pool.. Ps: If you ever visit this place, you have to try the hot bubble jacuzzi. Going to have my spa indulgence after some swim. Ciao..!

Dark Navy Metallic Bikini set with my Rayban sunnies
Overlooking the view across the pool
Hot Jacuzzi with hologramic mosaic tiles
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