June 23, 2014


You know its the OOTD moment when you chanced on a nice back wall while driving through the streets. I am feeling so unfamiliar / distant with blog write-ups and outfit posts just when I was writing this paragraph. Even my photographer aka Hubby had to spend time adjusting to get the right lighting for these shots. But we still had fun reminiscing the numerous times we argued over a bad photo or an awful angle. 

Gone are those days when blogging was such a rave and talking point for most fashionistas. Everyone that I knew here are seen more often more on Instagram lately. I can't say enough how things have changed in a short time. Time is moving so rapidly that I hardly find time to prepare blog content. Soon, we might just be buying everything off the mobile phone even for grocery! No point of contact, just ourselves and smartphone. 

You should watch this video as it really hit me hard about how my life is so attached to my mobile phone. Undeniably true!