May 5, 2014


I know its been months since my last blog post. So sorry! Just to keep you all up to speed, Ive shifted all my time and attention to build my network on my instagram platform @issatchieu. Ive been on it for the longest time but never really establish a close relationship with it. And now that this social platform is populating more than Facebook and Blogspot, I decided to work harder on it. 

Below are some screen shots of my Daily Instagram Feed. To sum it all up, below are some things that I've been obsessed recently. The list goes like this:
  • Flower arrangements - Put most of my lunch money on flowers every week. Lol. Flowers are very expensive in Singapore.
  • Black & White - Minimalism is current look & feel from clothings, home decor to bags.
  • Marble DIY stickers - Just today, I diy-ed my macbook and handphone with marble. 
  • Chanel - "We all can't get enough of it."- quoted by Ms Lucy Kennedy. 

For those who wish to keep in touch with me, please add me in Instagram @issatchieu so that I can follow and connect with you closely. I miss all your stories so hope to see you all there!

I will come round to this space once in a while. But Instagram will still be my priority space of expression. Have a good week ahead be it work or school!!