June 10, 2013


Was packing my room and realized that I had clothes that I no longer wear. I usually give them out to my little cousins/nieces. But this time I decided to do it differently. So came up with the idea of giving it to the old folks on the streets of Singapore. I just felt they would be happy to have someone caring for them . There were folks in their 70s struggling with survivor everyday and yet still so humble when receiving my little kindness. This is something we need to learn from them.

I remembered one of them said to me in her words "I have illness so don't come so close to me. You should keep the jacket and food for yourself.." But I insisted she take it. Eventually, she thanked me profusely saying "God will bless you mightily." She added "I usually pick food from the trash after lunch hours." My heart cringed.

"Its not how much you give but how much love you put into giving.." - Mother Teresa
Hope you be blessed by this video and maybe try it yourself!
Its also my first time doing a video so bear with the quality. 

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