March 9, 2013


Been inspired by Ivania Carpio to do this hair DIY by myself (of course with the help of my hubby). I've tried red, pink, blue, purple and blonde and to tell you the truth I spent a lot on maintenance with hair masking and conditioning to keep this hair. So since my hair was recovering from all my hair care products, I decided to go for my last attempt with the silver & lilac look. This is definitely one of my boldest move ever on my hair. 

Had NO CLUE how to do and NO WHERE in youTube I could find any related tutorials. So...I was like What The Heck! Will color it black if all goes wrong. *Cross fingers & toes* The only advantage I had was my base was in light yellow and was confident that any (ANY is the word) color will come through. So here's my secret for you if you wish to try it.

 Here are the simple steps: 
  1. 1 Box of Gatsby Aqua Silver Bleach (comes with cream developer) I bought them at the Pharmacy. 
  2. 3/4 Bottle of Hair conditioner (available at home; any brand will work) 
  3. Pour out the Silver Bleach into a bowl. Mix with well with the cream developer Then add an equal amount of Hair conditioner and mix it well again. You will get a light pink mixture by now. 
  4. Apply it by sections from bottom to top. Leave it for 5-10minutes, nothing more. 
  5. Shampoo your hair like the usual. And VOILA...!! Below photos will be the outcome. 
  6. Last of all, get yourself some Moroccan argan oil for a smooth, shiny finishing! Great for styling.

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