August 18, 2012


Weekend break again. Yawnsie, I still feel tired even though I'm not at work in the weekends. Perhaps too much alcohol accumulated in my body from friday nightout. I think I am sleep-deprived. 

Share something with you today. I learned something from my friends in 40s looking like 30s. They all had one thing in common and that one thing was all of them take massive amount of sleep during the weekends. Sleeping from morning till evening and only waking up for bathroom and dinner. No need for facial treatments, special diets or collagen for that matter. In fact, none of them spend their cash on beauty products. It is proven that sleeping does help one to look younger/glowy. Even power naps will work effectively. Every wink keeps one wrinkle away. So SLEEP your way to LONGEVITY!! at least keep to 8hrs minimum. :D

Here's my neon look for a new outfit post to keep my spirits up for the long weekends here in Singapore.

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