August 7, 2012


Dear Brunch Time,

Good day to begin. 
Watching raindrops drying up from the glass windows as Mr Sun shines in. Spent a quiet afternoon reading 50 shades of grey with a cuppa of organic green tea. Flipping to page 252 continuing with emails between mysterious Christian Grey and Ms Innocent Steele. Cant wait to get to the end. Time was 1:50pm. Leaving my Celine cabas half nude/half black tote on the beautifully sueded seat cover. Far far away from the rain. Will get a better view the next time. A time such as this put a pause to my busy hectic work days and helps me to recharge my body and mind instantly. Took a bite of that cheese oozing, bacon, avocado with thick meatloaf freshly made burger, only one word in my head "Bliss". Ended the day with a sweet note from the Raspberry custard.
Signing off
From Quaint Cafe lover.
Venue at Mu.Parlour
PS: Pardon the brittle hair ends for bad hair day reasons :S

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