May 27, 2012


Something to laugh about.. See that knee injury on my leg. I tripped and fell flat on the streets in my 4" wedges like a pancake with bag in one hand and car keys in another. Yes, it was at the parking lot. For the record, its the 3rd time it has happened *OUCH! It's about time to throw these shoes out of the window. LOL. Now that explains the bandage under those tights. New Black & White look here for the weekend, hope you guys like it as much as I do. 
These tattoo tights were bought during the fashion trade event. By the designer - Ri by Carrie. A fashion illustrator based in London. 
Very unique graphics. 


Joyful said...

I do like your black and white ensemble with the pop of red. I'm sorry you fell and I'm glad to hear you are getting rid of those wedgies. They sound dangerous!

Steven Brown said...


BackOfTheOne said...

my love did u falling down :(
welcome to the club !!!!!!!!!!! I still remember my last fall. Even my feets still hurts. mine was on my school then imagine lol My alexander wang wang touched the floor and i was so worried about that than my self lol
I hope u readed my other comments in your last post.
agan thanks so much for that gift I super happy.
why every day u look more stylist? like fashion week every day
don't u get tired to be so perfect? kidding :) I know u
that's why I love youuuuu. the one in only asian :)
love that blazer shoes and those tatto tights are super hot!
ps: the photos looks very high quiality! my god
kisses love keeping in touch

Chelsea Finn said...

Ah I'm glad you're alright!
I love this edgy outfit, those tights are so cool!!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

The Dragonfruit said...

OMG...this look is just AMAZING!
I love how you mixed a chic outfit with hardcore accessories. Those tattoo tights and the skull harness are awesome!! I want them :)
Haha, and aw man, really? That sucks. Its my worst fear to fall flat on my face wearing high shoes. Aha, too bad since those red heels are just superb.

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omg this outfit is amazing! you look so chic!



Ang Lam said...

OMG I love your skull harness!!!! Love your style very much!!!

Mica said...

Ouch, sorry you hurt your leg! I like the shoes you are wearing though, and I really like those tights :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

another perfect look! so hard to make black and white look interesting, but you have done it! love love love the romper, i cannot say that enough! would wear that too! and the tights are insane, perfect way to cover up the bruises ;)!

Uliana said...

Yeah, I love this outfit as well! Great shirt :)

Laura Clayderman said...

wow u have such an awesome look !and blog !
wanna follow each other dear? lemme know ! <3


christian said...

so sad to hear that you fell, I hope your legs are doing allright now, you despite that look amazing!

Unknown said...

you look awesome!Im so in love with it!!)))

Jeannie said...

Hope your leg will get better soon. :)
Btw, your tattoo tights are really cool. It really look like a real one! Wonder how long to u spend get your dyed?

StaceyKo said...

wow! those tights are super cool!
and again:i loooove ur hair!
I hope ur fine now, and u should definitely throw those shoes away!


ressu/sini said...

your hair is so cool :)

criscrascrus said...

veeeeeeery cool tattoo tights!! xx

Marta said...

great fashionable look again!

Enara Girl said...

I really like your outfit, it’s very creative. It’s difficult to find such a creative outfit.

GvN said...

This is real coolness!


Anonymous said...

thanks dear, i am follwing you know.. so follow me back;) xoxo

kobiecymagazyn said...

your hair are beautiful

just me said...

OMG you posts always leave me breathless...AMAZING work

yiqin; said...


-telmasofia said...

You look perfect! I love everything!!
I follow you now! If you want follow me too*
xoxo, Chance to change

Anonymous said...

Your whole outfit is amazing, I love the shoes, they're awesome !

Unknown said...

i love this look !it's fab!!!

xoxo from rome

paanie said...

ouch! your photos are amazing. i love your unique and thoughtful style.

modezirkus. said...

oh .wow. Really nice outfit.
That just made my day :D

Maiken said...

hello, gorgeous! you know I love the look and I have to repeat myself - your new hair style is spectacular! oh and how awesome is the combination with those red wedges. I love black and red and white together. and those unique tights - what an awesome discovery from you! I just love going through your outfit shots but yeah, you have to give up the shoes which made you fall. you can do it!! ;)
ps. enjoy your fresh week!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love your jacket! Gorgeous yet subtle print.


lizchewy said...

So sorry to hear that you fell. Hope your knee is recovering well now!!

I love everything in this outfit especially the tights and the harness.


Aya said...

Absolutely love your punk rocker chic style. The tights are so awesome and your accessories are fabulous! Great style xoxo

MullFashion said...

Looks great.

Sootjeelina said...

I love everything about this outfit! Your hand-piece is so awesome, I love it! And your tights and shoes and hair as well

xoxo Sootjeelina

Anonymous said...

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I saw your hair, awesome!!! Totally love the result. Color is awesome. Love the way it's under color, so when you make ponytail, it looks like two hairs. On lovelace, go to post "4th anniversary" and there's my hair - almost same like Ivania Carpio's. But now it's almost totally washed out. Now I have plan to return in my natural color but I'll leave my hair tips blonde so I'll paint them violet to make soaked effect! If you want, I can buy you a foam, it costs 4€,cheap. (Just need your address, and you don't need to send me the money)

Thank you also for the compliment about the girl on the picture:)

I love your tights, you totally rock, babe. Especially with this leather bracelet!

And about your falling while wearing shoes - it used to happen to me many times when I was wearing DocMartens. I had 100000 injuries. But don't throw this shoes, you can keep them in your closet and just watching and adoring them :)(like Jane from Sea of shoes does)!!!

Have a great week, lots of fun and you, your family and friends receive a lots of kisses from me!!!

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Male said...

I love it all! You look great!

Paulina said...

You look so great! Awesome boots <3

| l e n e r d | said...

besides the fact the covered bruise looks amazing with the tatto tights givin a "I'm a badass" attitude to this look.
EVERYTHING looks so wonderful
u have an amazing eye to style those unique pieces.
adoreee this look very much
But u knw I love u more.
giant hugs bbydoll!

blondebenedicte said...

thank you :)

aw i'm in love w/ your shirt w/ lovely collar-details! so adorable :)

bisous xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, very stylish look!

I love your collars on that blouse, and tights look really cool too! :)

Indie by heart

Mitha Komala said...

you look so gorgeous and stunning dear! major love on your boots and blazer <33 the tattoo is awesome. xx

Letters To Juliet

Style-Delights said...

These are cool tights! Love the embellished collars point! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
PS. New post is up, come check out my blog whenever you have a chance!
Style-Delights Blog

Anna Brain said...

Wow! Sooo stylish! I really don't have words! :)

Beauty Follower said...

Great look
love the hair colour!

Carmen said...

Every aspect of your outfit is so well put together! The boots are so amazing! I hope your knee gets better soon, I hate falling down.

Carmen Ri.

Clara Turbay said...

Interesting ideas and style concepts!

Anonymous said...

Ahh your poor knee, I took quite a tumble 2 weeks ago and badly grazed my knee in a similar fashion! Speaking of fashion, love the tights

Thanks for the comment,
Newest post:Mismatched

Enara Girl said...

Hi Melissa!
I have created a look thinking in your last posts, can I publish in my blog and say that you have been my inspiration with a link to your page?
Thanks! Have a great day!

To see the set click here:

Fashion Pad said...

Love the graphics on your tights and your hair is so unique...I love it!

universeandyou said...

Hey sweetheart !

I was gonna ask you about that injury in your knee ! 3rd time ?! Yeah I think you need to throw them away !!

But besides that ! I LOVEEEE those tights !! I need to do a DIY right now !! just need to think and practice a little bit before ! :)

LOVE LOVE this look ! and your hair is awesome !

Love from Japan dear !

And thank you for all your sweets comments ! They really make me happy !

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Love love love your Outfit!! You look really awesome and your hairstyle is so amazing!! What a perfect match! your shoes, jacket and accessoires are really great!

Hope you visit me on my Blog

Ayya Z. said...

Those tattoo stockings are the bomb!
Loving the skull harness too!

Enara Girl said...

You can see in my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love the blazer so much!

Gabriela Poletti said...

In love with your hair!

Beckerman Girls said...

Holy smokes!!! Holy AMAMAMAMAAMAMZZZZING!!! U look totally incredible! Totally fierce! Totally sexxxy~~~~ The red in your hair is BEYOND COOL!!! like it's soooo hott!!! I actually fell and broke my foot (in 2 spots) in my Fendi platforms on the be careful in those high heels!!!! oy!! What us girls do!!! hahahaha!!!! I LOVVVVE that studded black leather glove-WOWOWOWOWOW! hotness babe! it's off the charts!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Beckerman Girls said...

Holy smokes!!! Holy AMAMAMAMAAMAMZZZZING!!! U look totally incredible! Totally fierce! Totally sexxxy~~~~ The red in your hair is BEYOND COOL!!! like it's soooo hott!!! I actually fell and broke my foot (in 2 spots) in my Fendi platforms on the be careful in those high heels!!!! oy!! What us girls do!!! hahahaha!!!! I LOVVVVE that studded black leather glove-WOWOWOWOWOW! hotness babe! it's off the charts!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Aleksa Marić said...

Adore that bracelet!

M in life said...

The other day it happens to me while I was crossing and i Had the cell phone on my hand so I couldn't put it on the floor so I laid on the road ahahahaha.
Love red and how it fits you! amazing shoes!


ive allready commented on this p[ost and told you how awesome it is but i just wanted to say thank you for your comment :)



Natalie said...

love the bold fashion choices!!

My Own Strange Little World said...

Those tattoo tights are awesome!!! And the red boots are gorgeous!! Hope nobod saw you falling down!! It's so embarrasing when that happens!! Thanks for your comment in my blog, by the way. I really love yours, I've been following you for a while already via Bloglovin. Keep inspiring us!! X

Style Servings said...

Aaaw poor you, can't believe you fall so often! You look great though!

Sandra said...

wow, you look stunning!! Specially love the pics from ur back!



Kate said...

Amazing look!

Unknown said...

Amazing blog here!!!!!!

I was wondering if you'd like to follow each other blog on bloglovin and GCF?

Just let me know, gorgeous!

JJ Reyes said...

It's been a while since the last time I saw such an incredible and inspiring blog. WOW!

I'm following you right now! I'm really shocked by your sense of style.

Please, come and visit mine

ice pandora said...

Oh gosh, sorry about
the leg injury! Get
well soon c:

At least you look
stylish and nice!
Love the hand harnass!


Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I love everything about this look! from the black/white combo, the red heels and your red hair, to that awesome hand bracelet! you look stunning.

melissa said...

Melissa, everything looks great. I love the coat and the white jumper, tres chic!
Also I have a giveaway in my blog, check it out x

Kirsten said...

Amazing outfit! Love black and white! Great blazer and tattoo tights! And your hair is so beautiful! :) XX

Floortje said...

I really love your blog dear!
Keep posting, you do it great!


Francesca Giusti said...

love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Klara´s Point said...

I love this outfit! So stylish!
And you have a great blog, well done!
Would you like to follow each other? :-)

Virginia said...

Love that gorgeous look!!

Plot Twist Diary said...

your outfit is amazing all the time darling!!! <3 too cool said...

love love love everything about this outfit!!
i love ur blog
wanna follow each other?

Caro * said...

Amazing style !! Love your shoes and I love colors on your hair :)

megcasson said...

So, so beautiful. I love those tights!

my thrifty closet said...

what a cool outfit, love that dress, it's clean understated chic yet girlish and edgy at the same time, oh dear, I know what wedges can do, I fell before too..on wedges. It's just so hard to balance. You look stylish as always...the tattoo tights are too fabulous. Your hair is really stunning by the way


Lena said...

Amazing outfit! I'm in love with those tights! <3


Walking In May said...

Sorry to hear you got hurt sweety and hope it's not sore anymore. Cool red hair!! Thanks for the lovely comment and sorry for the late reply...been a little hectic lately! Have a fabulous weekend!
May x

Julyet said...

Love your shoes! xx

Danie said...

Great outfit! I love your hair!

Cindy C. said...

LOL awh i hope your ok! (: but those heels look simple GORGEOUS anyways ahaha (: LOVE your style, hair, photos, and entire blog overall! :D I'm definitely following, your style is an inspiration to me (: Hope you can take the time to check out/follow my blog as well! (:

Cindy C.


I want your hair! And everthing about this outfit is perfect.

Mi vestido de lentejuelas said...

I love your tatoo tights!!
It's hard to walk sometimes with high heels:) but we look so good

Do you want to follo each other?
kisses from Spain

Andrea Antoniou said...

love ur hair, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon hehe :)

(open to all)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about you! Haha. Seriously, fabulous hair and your outfit is awesome :)


the desert foxx said...

Dude your hair is so bad ass! Love it, your outfit is awesome :) Love your blog.


Bella said...

Your styling is a_m_azing!! Take care hun:)

M said...

those tights are INSANE! HOW COOL! I want a pair!!!!!

check in on our giveaway this week!!!


Sick by Trend said...

Every detail is amazing.. super cool honey


Anonymous said...

WOW! hyped on lookbook too!

Kisses from Italy


Rakel said...

Great post! ;)

Tamara Chloé said...

OMG girl you look freaking amazing!!!
I am in love with the handjewel and the coat!!!!!

where did you get the handjewel,I want one like that so bad!

keep posting sweety you are an inspiration!!


Unknown said...

Already left you a comment but have to repeat - you look faboulous!!! And totally rocks with your hair. I'm back on same URL, but different name (runnin for cover against porn lovers:))
See you on facebook soon!!! Have a great week!!!

SweetJessC said...

I always feel dangerous walking in wedges!! As I twisted my foot once and now am quite scared but I still wear them!! Lol. Cant wait to see your wedding photos btw. :)


Pratishtha Durga said...

Wow! This is just plain amazing!!!!!!! Love the tights!!!

Unknown said...

Amazing look! And I really love your blog. Following x

Maria @ delaRobla said...

The pictures look amazing!

And sorry about your knee ;)

Cheers on a beautiful blog!


Stella said...

I love your hair!

Inés said...

Owch! poor thing! you made me laugh, I'm glad you are alright, and looking really gorgeous, by the way!
I love the edgy quality of your outfit, it looks amazing on you!

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...


bohemian vanity said...

Oh poor you - guess that hurts :( But you are looking adorable with this outfit even with this bandage ! Wish you a wonderful weekend !!! XX Tani

Unknown said...

WOW your look is so it!!!


Elena said...

Omg your style is super amazing :D

Kisses, Elly

Audrey. said...

Oh gosh,you look amazing!your hair are so unique!!!

KAIIWONG said...

Your hair and your heels !! you look absolutely stunning !!


ola said...

i love your style! fantastic jacket.


unitatan said...

ugh, how come you fell so many times! poor you :( *hug
anyway I love your new hair look, very fiercely red! yay.. and it fits perfectly with your red shoes over the black and white outfit. always love love your looks...
Take care!

.Le Reveur.

THE HF BLOG said...

you look absolutely stuning!!!
new post on my blog :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Gorgeous boots and coat! you look fabulous!


Sofie said...

these tights are awesome! ♥

Monsterchen said...

oh wow you just leave me speechless, i haven´t visited your blog for a while and now i see i missed a lot!! first of all i looooove your hair! how fabulous you look and those tights are amazing!!!! and the jacket and and and the whole look is great darling!

Sveva said...


The Short Girl said...

Cute outfit, love your shoes!!

Diary of a Short Girl

Unknown said...

this is what I call personal style!!
just amazing!
I love everything from head to toes!
u got one more follower :-)
xxx Ros.e.

Yovani Turner said...

love all the photos, and love the shirt collar details
u look great :)


wow a very cool way to style your hair! great! have a nice day

Lisa said...

LOVE your hair, looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes !

Anonymous said...

OMG ! I'm crazy about your look. You're a model. Fucking god ! *o*

Tamara Chloé said...

OMG,you look so amzing!!! the handjewel,the tats on your legs the print blazer,I mean I love it all!!!! so edgy stunning and well paired!!! xoxo Love Tamara Chloé

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comment' !
I love your blog and your red hair !
Tatoos on your legs are fabulous ! I'm crazy about tatoos.
you"re so pretty ! Oh, this blog is my favourite !

Krystyna said...

Amazing colours and photos.

tattoos designs said...

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