January 27, 2012


If you have been wondering why my last post was since Jan 9....remembered I mentioned that I was going to be in Paris, France for business trip. I havent forgotten any of you here. Please do give me some time to reply your comments in the next couple of days. I will be checking your newest post in no time. Overall, the trip was worth it tho exhausting. I was there to showcase my F/W 12 collection at the Salon de la Lingerie fair. And many of those who loved my work came from all parts of Europe. Soon, I will see my designs in Greece, Italy and Scandinavia. Excited and proud. These pictures were taken with my panasonic lumix. Pardon the poor clarity if you notice. Could not bring along my DSLR due to weight. Hopefully these photos are good enough for you guys. Did not have the luxury of time to enjoy the sights as it was for business this time. Fortunately, I had some time off at Printemps to do some personal shopping too :) Enjoy them!

Above: Lightings were terrible on this shot as it was taken in the hotel room.
The TRIO sling bag that I fell in love from day one. They had it in Tangerine & Bubblegum pink on the shelf. The SPRING colors supposedly. Happy with my buys.

Above: Taken in the hotel room
Above: Celine's headquarters???!! I shall google and find out. This is along Saint Germain Des Pres or Sevres Babylon if I remember correctly.

Above: Hotel Lobby ALL IN PINK. Too much for me though. Had no time to take photos so resorted to camwhoring on this baroque framed mirror.

Above: Bought another color just like the one my bestie Juan had :) It was on 30% sale. WHY NOT? I could not say no to another piece.

Above: YSL boutique along Saint Germain.

Kate Moss found on wall in a high street boutique that carried brands like ACNE, MARGIELA & CDG...etc.

Above: Intended destruction. Love the mix of art & fashion in Saint Germain Des Pres.
Above: Rick Owens says....

Above: Famous Patisserie called LADUREE. Amazing packaging and love the corporate colors Mint & Pink. Making all women fall in love with macaroons again :P
Above: Maison & Lifestyle concept store..I appreciate such ideas a lot.
Light installation art in METRO station

Above : The place where Marc Jacob spend most of his time brainstorming his ideas for Louis Vuittion designs and runway shows. The LV atelier right before my eyes.You can find the documentary in Youtube too. The office is along Pont Neuf street. And of course he smoked alot, sleep here alot and had a team to sew all the catwalk pret-a-porter pieces. Anna Wintour will always come by to hear him share about his inspirations behind each collection or a handbag. JUST AMAZING.
Seems like every big city has a ferris wheel. 
This is one of my favorite. Not too sweet. Just the right amount of sugar. Crepes with bananas, chocolate and whip cream. Melts in the mouth. I m beginning to love crepes on another level.
Pizza with Mozarella and ham :P Eat all day long.

Spicy Olive oil with baguette is just perfect combination.
Parma Ham & Olives Pizza, interesting shape.

It looked like chinese TOFU. But it was ice cream coated with caramel and peanut butter. SUPER GOOD.

Above: Flambe Banana Fritters. Yes, Im putting on weight now :( I mean how could anyone resist.


| l e n e r d | said...

Seriously!!!!? Best post ever! Those new babies are to die for!!! Our dream job! CELINE mai gad! And the YSL black ring just like my sweetheart own! You bring me so much joy with all those places and shops! Died! And of course im suuuper glad u did amazing like... I knew that!!!! Oh and what abt those exquiite plates nom nom! Love love pure magic love ! Te amo!!

dblchin (double chin) said...

paris is superrrrrrrrr awesome!!! Love ur purchases!

Maiken said...

oh wow, you lucky lady! your trip was definitely beyond amazing! all those photos made me wait for May so badly since I'll travel to Prague then :)
and your elegant purchases are just beautiful! oh, and then there is the food - can't resist yummy food, right?! :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love your pictures girl, looks like you had an amazing time! when i see those boxes and those names, my heart goes boom boom! stunning! that bag, what a color

Joyful said...

Wow! You have been busy. I did wonder why you were away so long. I guess I missed it when you said you would be in Paris. But my goodness, congratulations to you, girl! You are amazing.

Ellen Kaminagakura said...

Loved your photos !!

And WOW great pieces !! Loved the pink Celine and beautiful YSL ring ! really love it in black !

Too bad you couldn't see more from paris ! next time will be even better !


xoxo from Ellen

June said...

Thanks for your sweet comment darling! Wow your Paris trip looks like so much fun!! Where can we see your designs!!!

Unknown said...

Hi!!! First of all, thank you for comment and support!!! Second - wow, looks like you had awesome time in Paris and it would be so cool to see you5r lingerie line!!! Fingers crossed & congrats 4 success!!!
See ya on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

So beatiful pics!!!
thanks for comment on my blog!!!

ATW said...

wow you make me want to go to paris immediately...
love your pictures!! and the artsy ring by YSL is lovely.
like your blog & following you now! :)


Unknown said...

beautiful,beautiful pics!!!!!!!!

dolceedamara said...

Wow! Amazing buys! Lovely pics!

Sveva said...

Ooooh wow! Love Paris, I think is beutiful city and love these photos!


Myriam said...

Very nice pics from my favourite city ! ;)

See you soon !

lachicadelcuarto said...

WOWWWWW!!!! you're so lucky.. i've been in Paris 3 times and i cannot wait to repeat! It's the most beautiful city i've ever visited... by the way, your new celine is INCREIBLE, both colour and design. XXX sweetheart

Bee said...

oh wow i envy you so much! hope you had fun..
really like your blog..
much love from beemod..


Chandana said...

wow that's very exciting! You must be very happy!

♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com

Amuna said...

wow amazing pics I'm really jealous!!
♥ Amuna


NorTin shoes said...

Welcome back :)
You're pics are beautiful but your purchases are more beautiful!
Your designs will be in Greece? Do you know where exactly? I'd love to see them live :)

btw: a) I think & hope my cat to live more than average cats :)
b) Matcu Pitcu is s a pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site located in Peru, South America :)
Wish you a wonderful weekend

AndreiaSalim said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
You are very kind!;)

I loved the pictures! The colors, beautiful !!!:)

Liza said...

LOVE these photos! Your new Celine is amaaaazing.

XO, Liza

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures & lovely buys..I love them all! Hope you had a ball in paris!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, must have been great you have got some great items I especially love the bag & beautiful pics, :) chev

BackOfTheOne said...

---- I hope u must be kidding me!!!
I can't I just really CAN't
i mean. this is TOO FUCKING PERFECT.
no way. Even I don't know what start to say.. I can't JESUS holy shit lol. Im really stop think about you. I have the best SEXY perfect stylist best friend EVER in the whole world!!!
Ok Im going to strat in random order.
1: Super congratulation about your trip. which is the best that you can share your desings over the world Im so proud of you my darling.
In greece ohhh jesus OHHH jesus ( im screaming )
We miss you so much. but me? I was counting the days to see you here. Thanks you so much to share this with me. you know how much i aprecciate this. I can feel next to you when you made a post.
okey okey... Celine or ysl? which one is better?
I think none. BOTH are perfect.
CELINE? ohh no way I mean seriously? The perfect In color! Pink acid colours are rule the world..
Don¡t you feel into the sky after shop in Celine? I know you do ( I know us very well)
I can die million times for Celine you know! You'll be look BEYOND words wearing that trio bag for real. Im sorry but I gonna write too much.
( I need the trio in blue as Taylor tomashil lol ) One celine isn't enough. I think we should have all celine bags lol. I love your comment in mine last post ! ( now we can make celine's dream come true we fucking rule this shit)
Even yesterday I wore my Celine bag and I met also my baby nerd! I felt like the shit of the world. wearing my Celine into the BUS lol and even in the school. everyone was like ?? whatthefuck I was like excuse me this is Celine don't look at me. I push them like get out to my way! lol I always missed you. :( I hate don't like there. to see you like everydays.
Ok ok let me continue lol
The perfect rign omg you see we have the same likes. cuz we are the BEST and the same in all ways
even in fashion. you know we are a nice team. I always wanted the black silver color! we have to say Hi5 with our YSL rings! but u know we need MORE AND MORE( I love you put my name in yout blog I DIE I can feel your accent in my ears )
You have to take photos real soon. as i should too. We don't have time lol the little nerd is working and I'm studying as well.
You can come here when ever you want lol
Baby we have to talk soon, My trip to Paris is this november 25. and back in december 13! you have to tell me and show me the best places but first of all you should have to give me the Celine's store location. I die for the Rick owens sing like wft?
baby what the fuck with your coat photo. do you want I take a plane to singapore ring one? You deserve a long hug for that photo. I think we dress so perfect as the same time. I'll be wear that coat everydays in Paris+ celine+ prada lol Okok i stop it!
Baby just wanted say LOVE YOU MY BEST FRIEND
I have the best one in my life!
Im happy with my babyboy we love you so much even he always get mad( in a good way) when we talk about you i think me too we are like ? why she's so PERFECT lol like she's just a dream and i said to him yes she does!
you too much omg the only fucking blog that I check now is yours!
(baby if u have more photos in paris put it on PLEASE)
te amo te amo mucho hermosa
me encantas. Ya muero por verte

Jessica said...

amazing post & pictures! Lucky you for escaping to Paris! i really hope to visit one day. You have a lingerie line or are you a buyer?

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time and got a few excellent purchases. I love your Celine bag. I am glad your back and look forward to reading post about your trip. I hope to make it to Paris someday, but until then I see it through your eyes.

Sugar Lane said...

lovely pics, and cool shopping!
have u seen my posts from Paris?
have a lovely weekend,

Anonymous said...

wow, adore the Celine of course and your journey looks amazing! x

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Mimi said...

ohmygosh, thank you so much for sharing your photos and taking us on a little virtual trip to paris! i really want to visit paris one day! :D

<3, Mimi
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finethenbelikethat said...

Such a lovely post! I love all the photos!

StaceyKo said...

amazing photos! and it looks like you've had great time in Paris.

Like you blog!come visit mine and if you want we can follow each other!

Anonymous said...

I love Paris! Those pictures are amazing! :)

Miss fashionmix said...

GREAT pics!!!! Celine is to die for!!!!!! You are lucky:)

sam said...

Woot! It looks like you had an fantastic work trip. What is the name of your label? I would love to see your designs.


Ulia Ali said...

I am sure you're going to have HUGE success, hun! Congrats! You should be proud of yourself :*