December 31, 2011


We have reached the end of 2011. And I've been a blogger for 4 months now. How time flies with a blink of an eye. I wanna take this chance to say A BIG THANK YOU to those who have been such lovely followers and giving me the warmth support through out the months. Ive learned a lot and made many friends here and believed there will be more to come in 2012. I wish for every friend here to stay inspired and keep looking great all year round. PS: Sharing some photos of my Xmas gathering. 
Kisses to all who have shown their love here.
Dr Martens in BURGUNDY color. Very comfy and goes with almost every outfit.
M&Ms from different countries; Germany, USA, Prague, France and Singapore. 
They sure looks the same here on the outside and taste subtlely different.
Make a guess which one has the best color coating and taste? *ANSWER: Prague.
This was a unique gift for my godfather from his son. Bought from Germany. 
Mr Captain smoking cigar through the pipe. Thought it was the most creative incense burner Ive seen.
60 feet tall christmas tree stood there every year at this time. Almost hitting the roof. Beneath it was 100 over gifts from everyone in the family. This is the only time where everyone comes together for a heartwarming gathering.
Star Wars collectibles as ornaments for the tall christmas tree. Too many to show here.

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