December 31, 2011


We have reached the end of 2011. And I've been a blogger for 4 months now. How time flies with a blink of an eye. I wanna take this chance to say A BIG THANK YOU to those who have been such lovely followers and giving me the warmth support through out the months. Ive learned a lot and made many friends here and believed there will be more to come in 2012. I wish for every friend here to stay inspired and keep looking great all year round. PS: Sharing some photos of my Xmas gathering. 
Kisses to all who have shown their love here.
Dr Martens in BURGUNDY color. Very comfy and goes with almost every outfit.
M&Ms from different countries; Germany, USA, Prague, France and Singapore. 
They sure looks the same here on the outside and taste subtlely different.
Make a guess which one has the best color coating and taste? *ANSWER: Prague.
This was a unique gift for my godfather from his son. Bought from Germany. 
Mr Captain smoking cigar through the pipe. Thought it was the most creative incense burner Ive seen.
60 feet tall christmas tree stood there every year at this time. Almost hitting the roof. Beneath it was 100 over gifts from everyone in the family. This is the only time where everyone comes together for a heartwarming gathering.
Star Wars collectibles as ornaments for the tall christmas tree. Too many to show here.



ressu said...

omg u R my INSPIRATION of evrything

maggie said...

Happy new year! May 2012 be amazing for you, and I cannot wait to see more from you next year <3 I love your outfit! Those are definitely not the run of the mill Dr Martens you see everyday, very cool!

xx maggie

Sveva said...

love the coat and also dr martens!
happy new year dear!

. said...

amazing coat!
happy new year dear!


criscrascrus said...

very cool! i love dr martens!! xx happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I love your coat!!!^^
Happy New Year, sweetie ;)


VANESSA said...

Happy new year!!!! Love the look, as always!!!! i wish you could post an outfit everyday!!!! Love the Dr. Martens and the necklace!!!!
Visit my blog if you want to see my fake Celine bag from Mango!!! :))

Marzena said...

You're fantastic ! I love your all outfits !
Big kiss and Happy New Year ! x

Raquel said...

Love your shoes! *.* Happy 2012!!


Liza said...

Love those docs!!! The color is amazing. Happy New Year!! I'm putting you on my list of blogs I love on my blog. ;)

XO, Liza
fashion over groceries

Maki-oo said...

Love your outfit posts and your style totally!
Is it possible to share where do u usually shop at? Online or?
Appreciate if you could share.

Thank you!


M said...

Happy 4 Months!
and Happy New Year!
Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog!
GREAT blog and style you have!
LOVE the grey fur!!!
You have great photos for sure! I'll be back following you!! XO


Dani said...

I love your style and blog!! So inspiring to me...

I'm following you now and hope you follow me too...;-)

kisses and Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year dear...
LOVE, saphira ;)

BackOfTheOne said...

Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and here u come with perfect photos
omg sometimes i feel like i have no words
which is the best. cuz u know is hard to find people that wear so cool
and u know what is the best?
you're my best friend ohhhhhhhhhhhh YEAHHHHHH
i have the pleasure :D everyone is jealous i know
i'll be too lol
amazing shoes like the best. but the coat is unreal.I DIE FOR THE 5 photo omg u look too stylist.
so love have a nice year i know there is 2012 already
we still waiting for...
since now have the best in your life and for all your family.
te amo demasiado mi amor

Joyful said...

You look fabulous in these photos.

You mean you have a 60 foot tree in your house?! Wow, that is some big house :-)

I'm guessing that the M & M's from Prague are best. Let us know okay? ;-)

Wishing you a marvellous and Happy New Year!

Miss Dragonfly said...

I've just discovered your blog, you have really good photos and outfits. This one is fantastic, the coat is fabolous :)


Marina Di Guardo said...

wow...fantastic post!
happy New Year!

Ciao my dear friend!


Tiffany said...

very beautiful photos!! Hope you have an amazing new year's & all the best for 2012! :)

Dana Paramita said...

happy new year dear! :)

Maiken said...

I'm really glad I discovered your blog since you have such an unique look and all the photos are so great!
this is an utterly fabulous outfit btw and especially I like the long cardigan.

and of course, enjoy 2012! :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

just me said...

amazing pictures


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

yes time definitely flies when you are a blogger, i always am surprised how fast everything goes. happy new year you fashion icon and i wish you the best year ever

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!! You look amazing , I love those shoes, I wanna get Tod's loafers in that same color :)
xx Ingrid

AndreiaSalim said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
You are very kind!;)

Your blog is always so wonderful!
Happy New Year!

A big kiss from Brazil!;)

beryl said...

seriously awesome outfit, everything is perfect


Unknown said...

Hi!! Thank you a lot for the comment!!! Wow, how cool, star wars for a X-mas tree decoration:) And totally love your look & agree about the doc.Martens! About the snow - next day rain fell and ruined it all, so no more snow:( But if it will fall again I'll make Issa Tchieu snowman ;)
Happy new year & wish you the best!!!


that necklace! wow! a 60ft christmas tree?! maad!

Featuring Fashion said...

fur is amazing,I really like it
pics on blog are great


xoxo from Croatia

Harija said...

cute outfit and great photos!!
Happy New Year 2012!!

My Lyfe ; My Story

taylor said...

i'm coveting everything about this outfit

cheers to 2012!

Andy WM said...

OMG i really love your style! It's amazing!
I follow you, would you like to follow each other?!
_Andy <3

Bonnie said...

Hello, gorgeous! Loving the grey fur. Happy 2012 to you! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

wow I never knew m&ms could taste different ,how interesting.your sunglasses are amaaaaazing ,so is your whole outfit xx

The White List said...

Amazing blog and brilliant photos!!! I'm following! Can't wait to see more! And Happy New Year!!!

aki! said...

Would you wear those shoes with or without socks?

I like BB creme better but it can be hard to find where I am.

Skinny said...

iLove your skirt, the shoes, accessories and fur- nice color combo

my thrifty closet said...

lovely outfit, you always look glam and stylish. I like the furry details on your top and the jacket is fabulous. Your christmas photos look warm and happy. Have a great 2012!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Okay, first off I LOVE the 5th photo! Now to the rest: just great styling! Love the skirt, love the cardigan, love the bracelet, the sunspecs and that you paired it all with those oxfords! Awesomeness!!! Hope you had a great New Year's!!

Fashionistable said...

Happy 2012. You have great style. Love the shots. Xxxx

Denise said...

Amazing blog! Thaks for your sweet comment!
I loved everything you wore, especially the accessories!
That German "ornament" I have too! A similar one! I lived in Germany for more than 10 years!
Happy new year!

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I love that skirt! awesome outfit dear. You look great!

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

happy 2012 melissa u rock as always girl! Wish u all the best ... in 2011's review u r my favorite Blogger!!!!
xoxo marilia

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy New Year! It's my first time stopping by your amazing blog. I love your style, your writing, and your photos are amazing!

Skinny Moonstick said...

What a lovely celebration you had! I adore your outfit along with the Christmas decorations! You look very pretty and hope you have a great 2012!
Good luck!

| l e n e r d | said...

smart and uber chic look

HNY doll.

u deserve nothing but the best.

lots of love and hugs

Sarah Bahbah said...

treuly effing incredible!!!! love


Laura Morrigan said...

hope your xmas was good! digging the star wars ornaments!

thannks for following me last year. I'm going to be putting my posts up on my other blog,

this year, hope youll check them out there. :)


June said...

Thank you for your comment sweetie! You're looking so stylish! I love that lipstick on you! So unique!
Happy New Year

Gaby de Modacapital said...

You look absolutely Gorgeous!
Love your fur coat !
happy new year :)

mari said...

oh i really can't decide what i love most about your outfit - it's just perfect from top to toe!

xx //

Kdotorg said...

You have great style! I'm loving those sunnies and docs.
I'm so glad I found your blog :)

Unknown said...

Your glasses are rad, as is your whole outfit actually.

Klaudia B. said...

you look fantastic !

Klaudia B.

Unknown said...

I love that shirt. Hope you had a great New Years.

Ashley Isaacs said...

this outfit is to die the jacket......are we following each other yet......cause I think we should and I am............xx

Shoutforfood said...

Happy New Year 2012! you look great with the nice outfits.

Erika said...

beautiful outfit!

I follow u here , follow me please
And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


My Free Choice

Harija said...

love your outfit &
Happy New Year 2012!
My Lyfe ; My Story

dblchin (double chin) said...

happy 2012 sweetie! keep on the awesome pics and way to go!!!

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

amazing outfit! Do the M&MS from France have the best taste?
Following you and can't wait for more of your posts this year ! x

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit! Loved the coat!

And those Star wars ornaments are my must-have for this year Christmas ! I already told you that this is the best Christmas Tree EVER!

And good vibrations for you in 2012!

Xoxo from Ellen.

Teresa said...

i'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, cause i got to discover yours!!!!! girl, you have such a great taste and style.. new follower here! looking forward to hearing back from you and new posts ;)


Beauty Follower said...

Great jewelery!

Harija said...

Happy New Year 2012!

Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


My Lyfe ; My Story

Haus of Style said...

Awesome photos, you look lovely my dear! So photogenic. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

Bad Joan said...

Happy New Year! Love your outfit!


VICE // VERSA said...

Great post! I need to invest in some shoes like your Doc Martins...

Taylor x

NorTin shoes said...

Unfortunately we didn't took part. We discovered it too late. Thanx for stopping by from our blog, cause I discovered yours this way, and really glad I did.
Following now and wish you all the best for 2012!

p.s: by the way which m&m coat was more tasting? Lucky guess: US?


Wynne Prasetyo said...

hello! i'm a first timer and definitely love your style. this outfit in particular is superb!



Carissa said...

Happy new year dear :D :D


Mi_Mi said...

hope you ad great new year..i really like your style very pretty..i love your shirts and you look really nice in it ...where us it from? i couldnot fin it in the post...but also loving the shoes

Unknown said...

Hi!!! So good to hear that I made you smile (although seems to me that this will be ~no snow winter:(~ ) And you really read my posts, while many other people usually just browse my pics, that's what I respect from readers (cause I always read the text of other bloggers)and that's the reason why I leave you a comment :)
Omg, I don't know what to say about your comment, it made me cry or smile in same time, the most beautiful comment I ever received...can't believe...I wish we "met" on the internet before, I remember that you said that you're going to visit Paris and there is a direct flight from Paris to Zagreb (flight endures 1hour 30minutes)But if there are no barriers like visas or expensive tickets, would really like to meet you & show you my town...(although there's no more holidays decoration)...Why the governments invented such a things like visas???grrr...however, hope that it will be more opportunities, that I'll come to swim in pool on top of skyscraper, in meantime, blog posts will be our way to communicate...
Enjoy, have a lots of fun, big kiss

mademoiselle créative said...

Thank you! :* I had a great time there. Your outfit is amazing! Which M & M's have tasted the best? ;)

Car Hendrix said...

Awesome skirt and shoes!

MosaMuse said...

great photos and style!!

Unknown said...

love your look!

nice blog too! pls look also at mine and become a friend too :)

XO, Carmen

Andrea said...

LOVE your outfit- and your lipstick!! Cant believe you had m&m's from different countries- that is brilliant! Happy 2012!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Unknown said...

You look wonderful, great styling!

Marina Di Guardo said...

wow...fantastic outfit and wonderful pictures....
a big kiss my dear friend!


yoli said...

amazing pics!

Anonymous said...

Your coat is fantastic, I like the entire outfit. LOvely blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back

Flight of Fancy Boutique said...

I love your outfit. Every piece is beautiful. xx

Sofie said...

awesome skirt, LOVE this look! ♥

Gabriela Poletti said...

wooow i absoluty love your outfit!

Audrey. said...

You're amazing!

Unknown said...

Those sunglasses are so cool! Love the skirt and the coat too!


Unknown said...

absolutely love this outfit...this skirt is so gorgeous!!!

a kiss from the

Anonymous said...

YOWZA! Love your outfit hear hun. Comepletely effortlessly cool =) I cant believe that mnms have different tastes! lol. I would've totally nommed each and every countries' candy up! haha.

Eeli xx

Unknown said...

Hy, beautiful post, I like it so much and I like your blog!I follow you ever like pleasure, and I hope that you follow me too.. and pass to visit my latest post!
I'm waiting you!
A Hug ♥

Shawna Hynes said...

Gorgeous photos - I LOVE this outfit of yours! The emerald green & grey fur work so well together & suit you beautifully :)

<3 Shawna

June said...

Hi Melissa! Please email me a photo of yours so that I can put in along with your answers on my blog

Helena said...

Amazing outfit!
Really inspiring! I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Like your style. I'm following your lovely blog now,follow me back if you want

Unknown said...

fierce look! loves it!

Unknown said...

so beautiful!!

My blog
xx Michaela

lucille said...

beautiful outfit. especially love the necklace.

lachicadelcuarto said...

been gone for all holidays. your look is awesome!!!! the first phot, the best. (very natural, pretty). love the coat, the shoes, the shirt, the collar, the skirt...and i've got the belt. wow!

Ulia Ali said...

This is drop dead GORGEOUS! You inspire me :)

Haus of Style said...

Such a great outfit, you look amazing.

Hope you had a great New Year!

AzaharaJStyle (lost in Palma) said...

wonderful outfit

Mimi said...

wow, m&ms from different countries?! amazing! :)

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

wow! you look great :)
Love Lois xxx

Fabliha said...

your accessories are incredible! I LOVE your sunglasses



christian said...

`Love this blog!
I am now following you!


Sugar Lane said...

super cool look!!!!
love the glasses!
i've just discovered ur awesome blog!
take a look at mine and follow if you like it ;)
kisses from Spain,

Myriam said...

Love your shoes :)

maria almeida said...

Fantastic outfit, very inspirational :)

Style Servings said...

Sooo beautiful, as in very post! You have such a unique style, which makes your blog amazing to read! Love it, already looking forward to seeing your posts in the future!

Jack Harry said...

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