November 19, 2011


We're nearing the end of 2011. What do YOU wish for Christmas this year?
Sequined Lingerie from Victoria Secrets
Metallic Lipstick from Topshop
Rhinestone stilletos from Louboutin
A boyfriend that will buy all of the above!


Sara said...

me encanta tu estilo, ojalá supiera yo vestir tan bién.
Por cierto muy buenas las fotos :)

Marzena said...

Girl, you're fantastic ! This outfit is really awesome ! LOVE IT ! xoxo
Kisses from:

Jersey Blogess said...

sexy hoooot! that top is awesome and the shoes are to die for -

Alexa Chunga said...

i love your rings and your shoes!!
perfect :)

rachel s said...

your hair and that jacket are just to die for. and before i even start thinking about what i want for the holidays i have to figure out what i want for my birthday.. which is in like a week haha! x

Nora said...

beautiful look, you are an angel :) kisses

Hannah Harvey said...

love the coat and rings. I love all of your style posts. Really amazing photos, you look stunning here

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

gorgeous as always, love love the detail shots with the blue/grey background! and girl you should be a tights ambassador! you definitely know how to wear them, people can wear them in such a wrong way! but you always are spot on! gorgeous color combination

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

WOW GORGEOUS!!!!! in love with that fur coat and your shirt!
bisous marilia

Annie L said...

I wish for those shoes!!! Hahaha, seriously, I need some glitter pumps for this season.
Love the fur also.

kaitlyntru said...

Ummm seriously sick coat! I told you this on lookbook, too. Haha But dude, I love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit!

Emma x

| l e n e r d | said...

such a hot hot look!
died over the white fur!

lvoe the contrast
miss u babe!

The Little Magpie said...

such a gorgeous look! and those heels are just amazing!!


wow STUNNING photos!!!!!!!!!! these are absolutely gorgeous! wow! and the outfit is just amazing!


just me said...

wow wonderful photos

Jersey Blogess said...

thanks for stopping by babe - I been following you from wayyyyy back :^) cheers!

Amuna said...

WOW!! I love it!!

♥ Amuna

Dena said...

Such a stylish outfit!!Love your blog!Im your new follower!

Style LimeLight

BackOfTheOne said...

mi amor hermosa :D
who else gonna look perfect?
just YOU.
die and die.
u look so sexy as a serious girl
so fashion week u know.
your blog is more than great. im so proud to have a girl as u in my life.
you're always the friend that i always wanted.
SEXY+ cute+ fashionista+ gorgeous+ and nice friend
love u as always my dear
finally i'm in vacations :D ujuuuuu
im almost die for those works.
(the first spanish comment says.
I love your style. wish wear good as u. by the way I love your photos are so amazings)
jeje love u too and i die for u too.
say hi to your family and boy
care u :)
and give me that fur cout jijij

AzaharaJStyle (lost in Palma) said...

wonderful shoes

Daphne said...

Wooow, your outfit is amazing! ♥
I love the studs, necklace, ring and the shoes! And I love your style! ♥

xoxo Daphne

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

In love with this outfit! every part of it is awesome.

Brianna Elizabeth Leahy said...

beautiful! i am totally following you- if you are interested please follow me too! :D I shall be doing more animation in the near future!

<3 bri

Rona said...

I love your outfit and I think that we have similar taste in jewelry! I love all of the studded and spiked pieces that you are wearing!

I am now following you with google friend connect and on bloglovin!

You have a great blog!

Hayley said...

woooaaaaahhh your so amazing! i adore this coat... and everything else your wearing!

beautiful =)

yiqin; said...

i LOVE your heels.

Greta said...

really in love with your blog :)))
following you from now...would you like to follow me back? :) I woul really appreciate :))

lachicadelcuarto said...

WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!! AMAZING! you look great today!

Sveva said...

Great photos, your outfit is amazing!

Tati Canto said...

wow, great pics!
xoxo, Tati

Thesmallnoble said...

thank you :) you are fantastic! I would pick the boyfriend :D

aki! said...

YOUR SHOES! I stare at shoes like that every time I go into a store but I can't justify a purchase.

Ulrika said...

You look fabulous.

I love the colours of the outfit.
The bangs are gorgeous.

Kisses !


Unknown said...

these shoes are FABULOUS! two of my best friends (who unfortunately live quite far away) have broken bones at the moment - so right now i'm just wishing them both a speedy recovery. i can't wait for them to get better so we can all meet up


Francesca Elle said...





Simona said...

Amazing blog darling!
What about following us each others?:)

Bad Joan said...

Your coat is amazing! Love it!


Hannah said...

absolutely love this outfit. The fur, the studs and the rings - amazing!!

Bow Dream Nation xx

Erika said...


My Free Choice

imiloa said...

lovely pictures! your coat is amazing...very rock'n'roll vibe!

Vicky said...

I am in love with you style!!! Amazing xx


love this outfit! rock n roll glam!


Gray Lavender said...

SO beautiful!! Amazing photography and this outfit is perfect <3 love your coat :D

Frances Sousa said...



Sandra said...

girl, your outfit is amazing!! and I'm realy loving your glitter heels, your rings, and everything!

wanna check out my glitterish post? :)


- S

Crystal Knife said...

fabulous!! love the heels!!

danielle said...

1. a boyfriend who isn't a lunatic.
2. a michael kors watch.
3. your jacket.

Trendydolap said...

wauw amazing look!

Shawna Hynes said...

You have such an amazing blog & style! Now following :) -- Really love this outfit; the white fur, studs, burgundy, glitter heels - absolutely perfect & you wear it so well!

<3 Shawna

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS! Love your style and blog.
I hope you come follow us at ELVintage. xxxxx Emily

SWL said...

fur and shoes are amazing;)

mari said...

best faux fur coat EVER. i'm seriously lovestruck.

xx //

paislea said...

gorgeous outfit!!!

allister bee blog

Amuna said...

Thank you too ;)

♥ Amuna

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit) and the comment about a boyfriend bying all those things is straight on!


Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

So goregeous!

The Princess Little Box said...

Love it! You look great dear.


India said...

Love it!

RochellekeCloset said...

I love your outfit, you look amazing!

following you now, hope you visit mine and follow back


Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I love your outfit!! The shoes are amazing!! Great blog!! by the way thanks for your comment in my blog!! What you think if we follow each other?

Kisses :**

Pano pra Moda

Anonymous said...

I follow you, the photo is different, but it's Mila Ferreira :D Thanks xo

Polly said...

Gorgeous! Normally I'm not into furs but I really like how you look in this outfit!


Nandia said...

hey honey!this outfit is soooo amazing!!
waiting for your next post!

Drops of neon said...

Love your coat!!


Audrey B said...

Amazing look! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! xo

Romi said...

You are amazing!!!! Love the palette in this shoot! :) I'm following you hope we can follow each other :)

<a href=">Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog</a>

Unknown said...

Wow - you're simply - stunning!!!
Enjoy & lots of fun

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!!
Can you follow each other? :)
Thanks for stopping by!!
Give a pass by the mine. ^_^




MY TWITTER:!/yumiko_o


Unknown said...

Thanks for vist!
following you!

finethenbelikethat said...

Such a glamorous outfit, love the tough accessories!

Kasia said...

Great outfit1
You look so pretty!

Tonya said...

These photos are so beautiful and chic! Love it. And i love how your lipstick matches your tights...perfect!

Lisa Lockhart said...

Love this post!Amazing pictures!


i otivar said...

thanks for the comment!!
you have a really nice blog. following you now. <3


Melissa said...

that is one insane fur coat.
love your style!
thanks for the comment and follow on my blog :)

Mel x

Anonymous said...

Always an amazing outfit ! Loooved the coat and those shoes !

Xoxo from Ellen

Lucy Kennedy said...

I love this Jacket! I'm following you!


Samira Phoenix said...

the pictures are incredible hottttt like fire.
u r hot. I follow u now. maybe u follow back?!
check out my blog

Anonymous said...

We've got the same necklace!Adore your style!

DIVYA! said...

very nice look!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing outfit!
Love your fax fur coat!


you really do live the luxury life dont you, wow! im so jel! lush coat!

Unknown said...

your style is amazinggg!! loveee it!!
new followerr!! ^^

check out my blog when can :)