October 5, 2011


Bows are seen in metallic glitter, quirky/vintage prints, lego cubes and even studded ones. 
Unlike those old satin/velvet days. Go for unconventional ideas. Add a cute bow tie to complete the androgynous/feminine look. If I had to attend the Grammys/VMAs, I would wear a black glitter bow with a svelte Tuxedo for the SEXY DANGEROUS look.
How 'bout you?



Lovely pictures, amazing!!

xHajar & Mounia

| l e n e r d | said...

I'm not a bow tie guy but on you they look amazing
love your latest posts
sorry but hadn't had the time to comment them all
you're a doll!

Opposite lipstick said...



BackOfTheOne said...

Love those bowties! are the best
:D i remember when i wore a black one!! i want it all
love you so muchhhhhhhhhhh sexy

Charlie said...

Wow I love those pictures! Bowties are pretty snazzy, I know a guy who wears one to school every day and he wore one with rainbow polka-dots today. It brightened my morning. Thanks for the comment!! You're blog is something of an inspiration in itself! <3

Caroline Hauer said...

Great idea to steal to men's wardrobe. Well, I guess I need a new tuxedo too ;)

Poppy said...

I adore bow ties. The last three shots are amazing!