October 4, 2011


The "must-try" Mains & Tapas at The Landing Point in Fullerton Bay. 
- Wagyu beef burger with truffle fries -
- Avocado Mango Prawn Salad -
- Wagyu beef Satay - 
- Tom Yum Martini -
  Music to my ears, overlooking the view of Singapore Cityscape through the glass window and a glass of exotic Martini in hand on a Monday night while everyone is asleep preparing for Tuesday. 
I wish time could pause right there and then. 

Tom Yum Martini with a mint leaf gliding on the surface
Beautiful Fresh Tulips displayed by the window


BackOfTheOne said...

those photos are so magazine
and you're a sexy model :D
singapore as always perfect
miss you so much!
want to see you like NOW

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Beautiful. x hivenn

Melsa said...

W-O-W!!! just read across your blog and we're amazed with your style! +1 follower :) keep up the good work!!
best wishes, melle and sasa


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment. The quality of your Photos is Great as well. I'll have to scroll through your Blog As soon As I have more time, Looks quite professionell by far!! :) xx

MMac said...

You give me so much inspiration!
take a look on my blog, its in danish but there are still inspiration in my wonderful pictures.
hugs M


Caroline Hauer said...

This place looks so cosy, peacefull and chic! Great photos!

Laura Clayderman said...

melissa, tell me where do u live again ? singapore?


Unknown said...

hey, love ur style and love ur blog...following u! (:
check out ma blog n follow me if u like it too http://memypendown.blogspot.in/
much love.x

Like ma facebook page too