September 27, 2011


Orange Thimble where art meets cafe
I sure know what Thimble is when sewing in school but never expected it to be a such a quaint place in the heart of Tiong Bahru, Eng Hoon St. A cuppa Hot cocoa with baby marshmallows and childhood sugar biscuits just the drink I need after so many hours of design review meeting today. Loved every detail in this cafe from the old school flooring to egg crates as wall art and warm lightings to create the homey cozy feeling. I will need to come back here for Brunch this weekend. I am falling in love with this neighbourhood after today....


BackOfTheOne said...

ohh what a perfect places
all there on singapore is a dream
but you're the most cool dream there
love you so much !
(im so happy to comment you every single time as i want :D im happy i'll be comment you like EVER
love you )

tina said...

this looks lovely :)