September 26, 2011


Monday is going, going and gone in a flash. Grabbed my B clutch and went for some nice chinese dinner nearby. There was a parcel from the postman today. And why am I not surprised. I have waited way too long for these silver chrome nail tips to arrive after much anticipation. You know how you get all excited about something you ordered on eBay and wished it would appear right before your eyes the minute you click "confirm". ..Off I go to try them on for Tuesday work.
Randomly missing a dear friend of mine in Columbia, Bogota.


BackOfTheOne said...

Finally i can comment! :D
love you so much and that balenciaga is AWESOME
love all your clothes
(hi 5 for designer stuffs)
miss you too my queen

| l e n e r d | said...

oh dear god
this is going to be so interesting!

loving you dear-already talked about it!

thanks 4 the wishes and this