December 29, 2013


Back with a finale post for the year 2013. I was wearing my Kenzo "The eye" sweat and Nikes today btw. Sorry that I've been missing in action for the last few weeks, felt like months. I have missed everyone in the blog community and esp those that showed me love all this time. Hope everyone had a good and heartwarming Christmas Holiday with your family and friends. In another 2 days, we'll be entering into 2014, how fast is that. Let's look back at my 10 best moments for 2013. :) I am pretty contented with how much I have achieved over the year. Tell me about yours.

Cut my hair short (bravest move)
To have 1000+ blog fans (yeah!)
Had my hair blonde for an entire year (not to mention the several treatments I had to go thru)
Got a job promotion
Visited the Research base of Panda Breeding in China
Went on a Dubai work trip
Featured on Magazine TWICE
Did my first YouTube video
Survived 1 year of Marriage
Took my 1st Business class flight

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