November 10, 2013


November is here and that means December is around the corner. I always felt time moves so quickly  that sometimes I wish for a moment of pause. Especially when you get so caught up with work, you forget to spend good quality time with family and loved ones. I am definitely guilty of that. There's nothing more valuable than having family to standby you, love and support in everything you do. 

Since Winter is nearing, I decided to buy myself a nice trench coat for upcoming work trip. I always had reservations about getting white clothing but life's too short to worry even the slightest stain when you wear white. And so, I walked right up to the cashier counter :) 

I'm in my 3rd week of job promotion as Head of Brand and so far is doing good. It has been an interesting and fulfilling learning curve for me. Like what Mr Nick Vujicic (the motivational speaker with no arms and legs) said, "Obstacle is Opportunity"

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