April 12, 2013


I'm back here to brighten up your day with a new look inspired from Louis Vuitton Paris fashion week. In their trademark black & white checks and bold yellow. And Less is definitely More when it comes to these skinny strappy heels. I'm done with platforms and sky high wedges. Time to show off some legs for Spring! 

Blazer jackets have always been one of my wardrobe essentials. And much more with colors. This yellow may not last me till Summer because of its strong color statement. But it is surely the trend for Spring and that's all it matters. Morever, Fashion is just too fast to keep up. The value of clothing comes to nothing at the end of day. Its the personal style that resonates..

If you do wish to look for similar designs, you can try searching at shopbop.com right below this post. Good luck with finding the perfect blazer! The fit is so important.

Topshop Bralet | Zara Checkered shorts | Zara Yellow Blazer | Zara Heels

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