February 13, 2013


We celebrate Lunar New Year here in Singapore. And Im on a ONE WEEK BREAK from work. To all who celebrates this festive, I wish you GONG XI FAI CAI & WAN SHI RU YI. It translates as "Good Wealth & All things will be well for the new lunar year." Since I am married, I am supposed to give out Ang Pows (Red Packets) to all kids and cousins who are single. Thats a tradition here. Not fun at all. It feels like I'm giving away my money with no returns. I could use those money for a nice handbag. lol. *just kidding

TWO RULES to follow during Chinese New year:
1) Must wear the auspicious color RED. Red top/underwear. Anything in this color works.
2) Do not buy new shoes on the first day of new year. Its bad luck.
Just to share with those who wishes to know :)

Besides that, I have another good news. I am going to be featured in HER WORLD Magazine (local publishing) for this coming APRIL issue. Very thrilled!!
Shall keep this post short & sweet. Till next time...

I'm wearing::

Necklace // MARGIELA FOR H&M
Sunglasses // FLEA market
NYC teesh // ZARA
Silver Clutch // Remake of Margiela x H&M clutch from HK (I like the shrunk version!)
Jersey Pencil Skirt // TOPSHOP 
Sneakers // NEW BALANCE

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