February 13, 2013


We celebrate Lunar New Year here in Singapore. And Im on a ONE WEEK BREAK from work. To all who celebrates this festive, I wish you GONG XI FAI CAI & WAN SHI RU YI. It translates as "Good Wealth & All things will be well for the new lunar year." Since I am married, I am supposed to give out Ang Pows (Red Packets) to all kids and cousins who are single. Thats a tradition here. Not fun at all. It feels like I'm giving away my money with no returns. I could use those money for a nice handbag. lol. *just kidding

TWO RULES to follow during Chinese New year:
1) Must wear the auspicious color RED. Red top/underwear. Anything in this color works.
2) Do not buy new shoes on the first day of new year. Its bad luck.
Just to share with those who wishes to know :)

Besides that, I have another good news. I am going to be featured in HER WORLD Magazine (local publishing) for this coming APRIL issue. Very thrilled!!
Shall keep this post short & sweet. Till next time...

I'm wearing::

Necklace // MARGIELA FOR H&M
Sunglasses // FLEA market
NYC teesh // ZARA
Silver Clutch // Remake of Margiela x H&M clutch from HK (I like the shrunk version!)
Jersey Pencil Skirt // TOPSHOP 
Sneakers // NEW BALANCE


trendiing said...

Cool!! Love this pics!


Viktoria said...

love it!!!


moiminnie said...

First off, Happy New Year! And thank you for sharing some of the customs there, I always love finding out more about different cultures. I like your casual outfit and I see you got a bit of red going on hehe :) Congrats on the feature as well! x

Rachel Pheasant said...

Happy New Year! I really like the casual aspect of this outfit and the way you incorporated red into it. Congratulations on the feature--will you post an image of the spread here when the magazine issue comes out?


Daniella said...

Seriously LOVE your style!! Amazing look honey and A happy New year to you :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Stefy said...

feliz año nuevo!!! me gusta mucho saber cositas curiosas de otras culturas!! =)
me encanta el clutch!! es tan LOVEE!!
besoos =)

The Dragonfruit said...

Love this casual-cool look!

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BackOfTheOne said...

this is why you are my best friend
isnt right?
my god my god!!1 this is really amazing
i can say you look extra stylist
like so much my goddddddddddddddddd
look at those shoes are the best as you are.
the margiela clutch looks very sexy with you
my queen how is your life miss you
for real I love you
queen of my life
another inspiring look from you.
stop it lol
kidding my queen mom say hi for you and said you look AWESOME beyond

zaza said...

great look dear, love the bag :D



Absolutely Mrs. K said...

must have shoes

melissa said...

love the skirt and the length of it, perfect

AndreiaSalim said...

Wow I love your style!!!
Have a nice day!

Andini Ria said...

You just have the most amazing style! Especially love your sunnies and the candy wrapper clutch!


unitatan said...

Happy Lunar New Year and also Happy Valentine's Day!
you look fabulous as usual, always looking great. Totally loveee your necklace :D

.Le Reveur.

Am2Pm Chic said...

Cool look, and such an awesome bag.


Denisa said...

Really great pics and I like that purse and skirt. Have a great day.


Jeans Please! said...

Love ur necklace

Maiken said...

that is one very cool clutch! and I like it how you have combined all those casual pieces with such unique accessories. great balance, I must say. oh and you asked about the snow! we have had winters when the snow stayed for six months (!!!) so I have no idea about the current one. we'll see but I do hope it will be warm soon :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Unknown said...

omg!!! you are gawjuss, lurv ur mmm necklace, you are rocking this look girl from head to toe, following you back.(New post)

The Simply Kelly said...

u always look cool dear...like every single pcs here...especially the necklace n bag

Unknown said...

you're so original and different, love your style!!

Vikee said...

Thank you for following my blog....I am returning the love and following you back too
you look stunning btw
love Vikee

Ellen Grace said...

Your style is absolutely amazing, I love your top

A little bit Unique


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Carmen said...

Great bag!!!

Sam said...

Hi dear, hope you had a wonderful lunar new year! Interesting facts, I had no idea about them. Loving this incredibly chic and urbane look. Thank you for your kind visit, Happy Friday!

LOLA FINN said...

I think you are the coolest girl on this world!! ;) Very nice style!!! Love it <3
xoxo from Munich

Jessica said...

love the necklace


Julie Ann Lozada said...

i love this casual outfit, i love the shades and the shirt. so nice...

It’s a GIRL Thing

elpuntodelola said...

feliz año nuevo, tu look genial muy original el collar y el clutch. Besos

Ileana said...

Love ur margiela items :D
great look!


Anis Syazwani said...

I adore your style, Issa. Great look! xo


Deepa said...

awesome blog. loved every single post
can we follow each other

Patricia G. said...

Love the sneakers, the bag and the t-shirt! Cool! Kisses

Unknown said...

Thank you so much girl <3
I really apprectiate this outfit !


Coline !

Ivana Split said...

You look great!

Ivana Split said...

I forgot to say- I really love those sunnies:) and happy New Lunar Year:)

Sveva said...

happy new year!
this look is sporty but i really like it!


Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

Love the clutch, shirt, shoos, sunglasses; love your style! Looks amazing :)

Unknown said...

love it!

Mica said...

Lovely casual outfit, I really like your metallic clutch :)

Hope you have a happy new year :)


Janne said...

You have a great style! :)

Marcela Gmd said...

I love your casual style!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Unknown said...


Karolina Gespucci said...

this is amazing !!!
my inspiration!

Unknown said...

love your bag!

febrina utami putri said...

major crush on your necklace and candy cluth!

tiebow-tie.com said...

This is so cool and beautiful! Totally love it!
Dear, I'm already following you everywhere)

Unknown said...

love the look !!

Loving Evelyn said...

great style

Francesca said...

Great outfit, love your top!

bianca said...

very lovely look dear!!
always love your outfits.
the mmm x hm "inspired" bad is so awesome in this size. and you skrit ist so great!


Unknown said...

cool babe!!
Happy weekend!

Sakuranko said...

Really interesting sungasles!



EMILLANA said...

I was through your whole blog, it is so amazing and inspiring! I love this outfit too! The skirt and the glasses are killing!Would you like to follow each other on gfc and fb? Kisssee

Mihaela Pojogu said...

so cool!


Imke said...

Gorgeous photos! You look fierce!

Xo, Imke

Unknown said...

I love your clutch is amazing!!


Pardon My Fashion said...

Ahhh...holy shit this look isperfection head to star spangled toes!!


Pardon My Fashion said...

PS- New follower. Your blog RULES.

Unknown said...

I love NYC T-Shirt!
Happy Weekend ....

Unknown said...

how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

aliña leon said...

that is really cool..love it..

thank you so much for your comment..hope to see you on my blog soon again...new posts are comming up..already followed of course..


comme il faut

Unknown said...

your rockkkk girl

Karolina Chudek said...

OMG! love it! great blog!!!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Quirky glasses! ;)

wud u like to follow each other? lemme knw! :)

Maybe you have time to read my new post: Valentine's Day in RED


Chantal | Blamethefireworks said...

What a beautiful outfit!
I really like your blog!
What about following each other?
Let me know.


Unknown said...

cant wait to see your next post!!! g+1 for you, ve a lovely sunday.

Francois said...

Wow it's been a while, how are you?? I love your blonde do!

S A R A H. said...

amazing unique outfit. love every bit. and awesome clutch.


Preity Lama Tamang said...

Such a great look!! Everything abt this look is perfection ..in love with that tee

Aleksandra said...

You look great !
Love the t shirt !
Congrats on the feature :)


Eline said...

you're looking wonderful!
I guess nobody could pull of this look like you did!

Katie Frank said...

You look stunning <3 I do love the colours <3

Fashion Pad said...

I LOVE this look from head to toe! That skirt looks great on you! Thanks for the New Year facts :-)

Joana Chaves said...

you look fabulous honey x

Teng said...

The entire look is do fierce and cool - ilove the bag so much :)


amalie said...

AMAGAD. yes woman! i love this. and those shoes are freakin awesome. i have a pair in plain black. NEED ONES LIKE THOSE xx

zaza said...

followed you back now and liked your fb page ;)
keep in touch



Corinne said...

I love your look, and your bag is awesome!

Corinne x

Natália Mercadante said...

I'm crazy about your tee, too!!!

love it


June said...

GONG XI FAI CAI & WAN SHI RU YI :) Congratulations on the feature hun! Loooove your bag! And I won the contest BTW! I'm off to Dubai this weekend :) I'm so excited!

Unknown said...

That's a great tee!


mademoiselle mode said...

Perfect style ^^
I m crazy about your top and clutch ^^

New post - Kisses

Viola said...

Nice look!! I love the clutch! I have similiar Maison Martin Margiela clutch but pink :)

Sybil said...

love the sporty grungy look to this outfit! amazing!

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Unknown said...

you look so stunning!! i love how you can make casual look so fashionable :)

I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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Mónica C. Welton said...

omg love your style. Great kicks!
Chicks in Feathers
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sleeveless shirt with a tight maxi skirt? great shit!

Heartbeats from //VIENNA WEDEKIND//

Nery Hdez said...

Hi doll!
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Catita said...

great outfit I really love those NB shoes!!! And Happy Chineese New Year!

B. said...

Your bag is so original ! I love it!

Danny said...

So stylish! For me, wearing a lot of red wouldn't be a problem :)

Gigi, street style said...

You're always so cool and stylish <3

margaret cruzemark said...

Casual but yet so perfectly styled. You look uber great!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Unknown said...

Awesome outfit! I love the clutch:)


Andudei Hardyanta said...

oh why you always so stunning, i love this edgy style.
and your shiny clucth is so unique.

Sofie said...

Love love love love absolutely in love with this combination!


Helena Nicolau said...

Hi dear! Just found your blog, I love it!! Do you want to follow each other, Just let me know!

See you soon and a one big kiss!


Fergumex said...

lovely outfit! <3 <3 <3


Marie said...

lovely outfit

PityPartyForLessPopular said...

Love your jewellery and accessories!


ODYSSEY said...

Wow, cool sunglasses!
Nice skirt - I like that length and silhouette.

Lisa Lockhart said...

I love this look so much! I want that top.


Caro * said...

Very nice outfit, I love your tee :)

Esther Olaniran said...

Omg I am loving your style! That outfit is banging!!! I am your new follower hope you check into my blog and follow back!

Maria Garcia Pita said...

wow I just loved your blog!

Axelle said...

love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

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