January 27, 2013


Bonjour! Yes, I feel guilty not catching up on my posts and comment replies. Forgive me. It has been a busy January travelling around for work. I am so glad to be back to share about my experiences and a load of stuffs bought along the way. Dubai also happens to be the more exciting part of my business trip this time. Obviously, I took 1001 photos but cannot possibly show them all here. Just some highlights of Dubai will do. Such as Armani Cafe, Fabulous chocolate displays, Khan Murjan dining restaurant. 

Part of my job was doing market survey at the prominent malls in the city. And of course I had to visit THE DUBAI MALL - the world's largest. Its a combination of 6 malls with over 2000 boutiques. They have just about every brand you can name from USA, UK, Canada, Paris and Tokyo. Amazing.
I was also told by my dubai buyer that there were rules to follow when entering the mall. 
- no kissing
- no hugging
- no holding hands
- no wearing mini skirts
- no showing your shoulders
They called it the "Respectful Dressing". My jaw dropped instantly. Im like NO WAY. Women had to be dressed in black kebaya from head to toe. And underneath those kebaya, they are wearing from Herve Leger dresses to Louboutin shoes and Prada handbag. Just like in the movies Sex in the City about Abu Dabhi. Unbelievable. As much as the women needs to be conservative and religious, the men are allowed 4-5 wives and consume alcohol when not allowed. Hmm...contradicting much!

// Givenchy shark tooth collier //
// American Apparel top //
// Mini City Balenciaga //
// Hermes 'H' Bracelet'//
// Comme des Garcons nail art //
// Kenzo teesh (bought) //

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