November 25, 2012

85MM f1.4 LENS

Needed to upgrade my lens from entry level to something more sophisticated or should i say more professional. It was least expected that I actually spent one full saturday at the camera shop choosing between Nikon D7000 and Canon D60. My objective was clear before I stepped in. Not soon after my friend (who is also the good salesman) showed me the different options. Since I was already a Nikon user, it was obviously wiser to continue with Nikon as I could still integrate it with my existing 35mm & 50mm lens. If I had to choose Canon, I had to purchase all of the other lens all over again. For a moment, it felt like I was put in the same scenario deciding between an iphone & android. You cannot imagine what was going through my head. 
Ultimately, I wanted lens that can achieve more depth and blurness in full length shots. Both brands were able to offer that. And now you know what I end up with. Though one part of me still wants the Canon D60 body kit with 85mm f1.2 lens. Well, maybe someday.
Here's a quick snap of unwrapping the lens I eventually decided on.

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