September 23, 2012


White and Silver iphone 5 versus Samsung galaxy note. I decided on latter. Spent my saturday queuing 4hrs for an iphone 5 and traded it for a Samsung note less than an hour after. What was I thinking? And I became an Android user overnight and beginning to feel it isn't that a bad choice at all. Though the transition was a little shakey but still made it through. I'm not a tech savvy person. As long as I have my daily usage on all my social accounts, I am more than satisfied as a smartphone user. Of course it is only natural that I had to get myself a white note cover to match my new outfit post today. jeje! Even had my nails manicured too. Was an overall lovely weekend and hope everyone did too. Lately I have been crazy over whites. Let me know if i did okay with this look.

Love the grosgrain zipper tape details on the back of this white shirt. 
Cheap Monday // Sunglasses
Samsung // Galaxy Note
Clothes // Korea
Shoes // Topshop
Rings // Asos
Hair // DIY
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