July 12, 2012


White & Gold themed
at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild

It was the most enchanting and memorable highlight of my trip. Almost felt like a historical museum. Everyone was dress in white/gold. Gold hats, gold scarfs and even gold balloons. Free flow of champagne, martinis, fruit/salad in a ball, Pate, Parma ham and assorted canapes. Absolutely stunning and well-organised. All pictures are from my iphone. Pardon the poor resolution. Even bought myself two clutches this time - Miumiu & Celine. Will show it in the next post. 
My 2nd visit to the Effiel Tower. This time with two cone ice cream :)


criscrascrus said...

Amazing party :O xx

just me said...

amazing. Paris is so exciting... i want to go back there soon :)))


Daniella said...

Beautiful pictures! :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Maiken said...

wow, definitely looks like a fairytale! I love the food photos the most because I'm super hungry right now and I love fresh salads :P
oh and you look gorgeous of course!
btw, I can't wait to see those new clutches!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful, glamorous.. Lovely event. :)

Indie by heart

Joyful said...

A beautiful event in a beautiful venue. I like your elegant ensemble too.

Tiffany said...

wowwwww stunning photos!! looks like such an amazing party!
& I love that ice cream cone :D

Carmen said...

AMAZING location!

BackOfTheOne said...

My queen it look like a white party
love it :D
miss u so much :(
i need u

criscrascrus said...

yes, i did it! the recipe early! ;) xx

Tamara Chloé said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you in white tooooo,you look gorgeousss in this lace white dress!!
I think these Iphone pics are pretty good quality!...I love the whole scenerey,the house,wow looks like you had an amazing time xoxo huuugs doll and thnkx for your lovely comment

Anonymous said...

Aaaah I want to go to a garden party !
Amazing !


Fashion Pad said...

Oh my goodness what an absolutely fabulous setting!!!! The decor is gorgeous and you look so great hunni! Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have a tatoo. On my shoulder. But I want a lot of other tatoos. On my legs (too !) and my arms. And you, have you got other tatoos ?

Yes I'va FB : Roxane Morin (Von Teese)

Xoxo ♥

Queen Treasure said...

wow...it must be a great party:)
btw maybe we can fllw each other?

Carmen said...

Thank you so much for following! Have a nice day :)

marykapsi said...

Amazing photos babe!

ylenia said...

Wow, amazing pics and blog! WAnna follow each other?
I hope you will enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse of Forerunner2 magazine, learn more on my blog by clicking here!

Inés said...

Ah! wonderful experience, everything looks fantastic, so polished and oh! so chic...I'm dying to see those two clutches!
By the way, I'm following you now and I'd love if you follow me back!

Big hugs!


Unknown said...

Awesome!!! You look great!!! Photos are awesome, just fairytale-ish!!!
Hope you're having nice time!!!
Cheers & hug!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely amazing! So ridiculously jealous, I'd kill to go to a party like this! Can't wait to see the clutches; I love your blog!

Unknown said...

beautiful pictures! :)


Unknown said...

wow! so glam chic party...

xxx Ros.e.

Jar of Heart said...

Thank you so much for passing by:)
If you want you can follow me on bloglovin' :)

vnikali said...

wow great blog and i love ur hait color~
dying for the ysl clutch!!

Rafael Romo said...

love that lace dress!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Unknown said...

wow! great post! great blog!!! <3
I'm following you via bloglovin' now. I'm 116 ;D
Would you like to follow me back??

Greetings from Berlin


Anna and Klaudia said...

Amazing event :) The white dress is gorgeous <3
I'm your new follower :)


The White List said...

Nice!!! Looks like so much fun!

kathy said...

Wow amazing photos
Gahhh I am so jealous
Loving the last pic with the ice cream and Eiffel Tower <3

melissa said...

Awesome theme party and you look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Christina said...

Hi sweetie, you look so pretty, I really love your style !! :P
Your dress are so cute ♥ :3
I hope you'll like my blog !! ^^
Kisses ♥

(http://kitkatkorpan.over-blog.com) ^^

Anonymous said...

i will do a garden party to celebrate my BAC ! :D

Caro * said...

Very nice pictures, love your dress :)

family Fun said...

I love the pictures, you have the eye to catch the moment. I am not so able to do so.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress !

Vogue Villain said...

The event looks amazing!! I love the floating fish!
Your dress is so pretty :)
How interesting! I've never seen a two cone ice cream.

Thanks for sharing the photos!