July 24, 2012


I am transported to the MOST BEAUTIFUL WHITE BEACH in Boracay, Caticlan.
Coming from a girl who loves the sun, sandy beach and beer, this is by far one of the most beautiful beach I have visited. Soft bedded white sand, clear waters and blue sky. Perfect summer vacation and a short getaway from work. Taking a breezy stroll barefoot with paul frank flipflops in hand...cant ask for more. My next beach destination will be Tioman island. Cant wait!
Blue sailing boats and water in gradation. 

Tides were just right for skimboarding
I could live like this everyday. 
Henna tattoos for the fun of it. They did not cost much. 
Per tattoo was about 200 - 300 pesos which comes up to about SGD 6.00 - 8.00. 
Tasted their local Red Horse Beer Strong Brew of 6.9% alcohol. Ice cold beer under the sun. 
They call these the Blue Boracay Cocktails.
The villa that I stayed in - ESTACIA UNO. I went with a more contemporary resort stay.
Breakfast by the pool. Egg benedict & bacons for starter.
Presidential Suite with private jacuzzi and sea view. 
Neon acrylic cuffs & neon choker
Cabanas provided with sea view front. You could also choose to use the hammocks for some book reading.
Epicnachos @Epic Bar in D'mall. I give it Double thumbs up!
My favorite bikini shop in D'mall. D'mall is the shopping area where you can find lotsa food, bikinis and souvenirs. 
Saw this pole of signages. It calculated the mileage for each country. Thought is was very interesting. 


Sausan Hanifah said...

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I'm blogger from Indonesia and like your blog <3
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thecalichemist said...

That beach looks AMAZING! Not to mention you stayed at a presidential suite, now thats BOSS!


Maiken said...

gosh, Issa, you lucky lady! this looks like the beyond perfect vacation and all the photos are crazy beautiful! I like cold beer btw ;) I and one of my girlfriends enjoyed some today at a local pub. was great! :P but now I miss seaside! I want to swim and sunbath and just enjoy the warm sand!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Jazmin said...

Such lovely photos, they are amazing! The drinks one is my favorite. Everything looks so relaxing and the beach is breathtaking!


The Princess Little Box said...

Awesome dear!
I envy you so much, enjoy!


Daniella said...

Gorgeous photos!! You must be having an amazing time!! :)

Take care, Daniella xox

The Dragonfruit said...

So. Jealous.
This looks like the absolute life!
Haha, amazing fun girl :)

Trendy Teal

I love my old Levi's said...

OMG ! Amazing pics and amazing place

Join my new OVERDO purse GIVEAWAY !

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Unknown said...

Awesome!!! You're really enjoying!!! Soon I'm going on vacation, so this is totally great for instigating the summer mood & state of mind!!! Enjoy!!!

Maite said...

Beautiful place and beautiful pictures.

Beauty Follower said...

Wow, amazing place!

Raquel said...

Amazing and funny pics,love it!!


Anonymous said...

Henna, tatoos love love love ♥
Your villa is amazing!

BackOfTheOne said...

perfect place and perfect life :D
my god love that u travel a lot
isn't so fun?
what a body i can see here lol
your skin tone is so HOT like HOT
u know what i mean xd
that place looks so great
i heard about phillipe has nice beaches and i can see it is truth
thank you for share your things here i feel more and more closer every day
loved that u put some fake tattos lol
i want some too i hate reals now.
te amo muchoooo
( i can't wait to see a photos with your celine clutch)

unitatan said...

Whoaaa Issa, it's such a beautiful place! The beach is just so perfect, clear blue water and white sands, I wish I could live like that everyday as well. :D
And the resort you stayed is definitely awesome! You're so lucky
Anyway, thanks for such thoughtful comment on my blog.. Have a great day!

.Le Reveur.

Joshua Tjandra said...

where is Catlican? I would love to go there someday, everybody can live there everyday indeed haha

just me said...

this place looks so amazing. beautiful pictures.

Boracay Resorts said...

Boracay is a very nice place to visit. Been there for a couple of times already and still I was amazed the gift that Mother Nature gave. For those who want to come to Boracay, there are boracay packages that are affordable and worth it.

Vivid Virginia said...

This is so wonderful blog :D

bohemian vanity said...

Oh my gosh you're so lucky, what kind of heavenly place is that please ?! Amazing photos !!! XX Tani

Bella said...

Wow!! Another amazing post!! their getting better and better! SO jealous of your life now!! kisses from london

. said...

Such pretty pictures!
That neon necklace is to die for

The Lovelorn

Ana said...

Fantastic place,I wanna go there :)

Tiffany said...

wowwww looks amazing!! I've heard of Boracay and have wanted to visit for a long time. It looks like you're having the perfect vacation :) can't wait for more photos

Kristen said...

This vacation looks like it was amazing! The pictures are gorgeous! I like the sign that tell you how many miles to the other countries too. The hotel you stayed at looks awesome! Thanks for following my blog, following you back!

Carmen said...

Amazing pics!!

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful photos and post!!!
Besos, Marcela♥

mommy Orkid Belle said...

OMG! I am from the Philippines, but I have never been to Boracay yet. It is so sad! Maybe next time we go on a vacation to the Philippines with my family. We will surely love it. Lovely shots, lovely place and lovely you. :)

Caro * said...

Fabulous pictures, I want to go in holidays :)

SweetJessC said...

I've been wanted to go to Boracay for many years already!! I think it has changed a lot in these years but i still want to go. Love your pictures, and so envy about your suite room. :)

wedding photos please!!!! :)


PalermoStreetstyle said...

love your pic.

Anonymous said...

dear thanks for your kind comment!you look so fresh in these pics=) we follow you;)
kisses from Italy

Monsterchen said...

omg omg omg this is a breathtaking beautiful beach darling! i so wish i could be there now! and you look gorgous!

Walking In May said...

Looks like a fabulous holiday sweety! Beautiful photos.....makes me dream of a holiday too! Hope you're having a lovely week so far!
May xx

Tamara Chloé said...

wow sweety sooo good to hear from you again!!

thanx for stopping by
you have some incredible pictures here!!!

I looooove the neon cuffs and necklace
I have the necklace in orange but I haven't even showcases it yet hihi

looks like you had an mazing time you look so good! wow!
I lve the pink top as well!

much love Tamara Chloé


Anonymous said...

These pics are amazing!

Sveva said...

this place is so beautiful!

Janilyn Pinky said...

your vacation is totally awesome! that beautiful paradise is located in the Philippines! I am planning to go there too! I have read that beach are always visited by some celebrity stars all over the world.. you are very lucky dear!!! and by the way!! you are totally sexy!! i really enjoy reading your blog and you got great pics too :D
Have a brilliant day!!
greetings from ヽ(^。^)ノ


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