April 28, 2012


Today's my 32nd Birthday!!!! :) Two weeks after my wedding. I made it easier to remember the important dates. All about Cakes, Gifts, Girlfriends & Hubby time. Even got myself a birthday tan in the afternoon. *Poke Anika, if you noticed, I have tried to highlight my hair in pink and copper base tone but it seemed to have failed tremendously in my opinion. :( Not how I imagined it to be. Maybe the hair pigments are not absorbing the dye. Gonna hit the hair salon again. Meantime, you need to check out this tumblr. I was mightily blown away by the long list of hair ideas in here. www.fuckyeah-hair.tumblr.com 



Marcela Gmd said...

Happy birthday!!! You are so pretty!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

HANANAA said...

Happy birthday! :)

xx, Hanna

Anonymous said...

Adorable colours, look so nice together ! :) Cute collar necklace too.

Thank you for the comment sweetie! :) Your honeymoon plans sound really lovely.. Following you now via GFC too!

Have a happy weekend,

Indie by heart

Joana Chaves said...

Aw, so sorry the hair concept isn't translating as well as you'd hoped for. I love the tiny pink streaks, but I'm guessing you want it to be more noticeable(?)

I love your outfit, especially the mocassins with the green socks :)

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I really love this outfit, the colours look so nice together :D

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

well it is all about pastel and it looks amazing on you! so much in love with the shoes, the brogues look insane! happy b-day

| l e n e r d | said...

you loook amazing and those trendy colors are my fave
happy bday here too my doll!
adore adore adore
u rock the new pink hair btw
u r the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my old Levi's said...

Cute look !



Joyful said...

I think your hair looks great. I can see the colour difference. I personally like coppery gold tones like you have (and not reddish tones).

Daniella said...

Aw Happy Birthday!!! You look great honey! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I love the whole outfit!

Lucy Kennedy said...

So pretty honey!

Maiken said...

I honestly think you look perfect :) every item, even every detail of your outfit looks amazing and the colours are beyond beautiful!
I hope you had the coolest b'day ever and do share the photos of your presents, b'day food.. anything! ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sophie said...

Amazing look - the sunglasses are amazing!

The blazer is so cute!



Mary Jane said...

thank you!

The Dragonfruit said...

Happy birthday!
What a gorgeous outfit, I love the mix of colors <3
That blazer and dress go together perfectly. Plus, that collar necklace is a beautiful touch.

Trendy Teal

Collections said...

Those sunglasses are incredible!


Anonymous said...

cool shades

coline said...

Love the outfti! Awesome sunglasses and shoes/socks!


Sveva said...

happy b-day!!!
great look!


Stylist Steph said...

I love this look, you look amazing and Happy Birthday!


Miss fashionmix said...

Great look! Love your sunnies, look great on you!

ressu/sini said...

oooh shoes are awesome!!

Lea said...

love your outfit and i could die for that necklace
xxLea happy birthday ;)

StaceyKo said...

u look so great! love those shoes! so cute! and color of ur shirt is amazing!!

sorthed said...

The bag is to-die-for!:) Is it Givenchy?

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday! I love the combination of colours in this outfit, looks amazing!

Carmen Ri.

melissa said...

Happy bday! Great outfit.

just me said...

love the way you style your looks. it's cool, unique and fashionable. :))) congrats on b-day :)))


Anonymous said...

I'm late that sucks but better than never... Happy belated birthday my fellow Taurus & thank you for the lovely comment Looking superb in your outfit love the colors & shades have a great week :) chev

Anonymous said...

& btw try highlighting with hair extensions I was actually going to try bright highlights myself :) chev

Unknown said...

Happy belated Birthdayyy! I absolutely adore all the pretty colours on you, especially those socks - pretty<3

Monja said...

THANK YOU! im so happy that you like it!
green tea? i must try it!

A Life Un-Styled said...

You look beautiful Melissa. I especially adore your shoes! I'm sorry your hair didn't come out the way you hoped (I'm always terrified of that happening!) I hope you can get it back to the way you want it soon. Much love on your special day <3

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- marii said...

happy birthday dear!! you look stunning :)

Ana said...

Happy birthday :) You are so prety here :)

c said...

you look so fabulous! happy birthday :)

and on the website they say they only ship in Europe, but maybe you can ask them if they want to ship to Singapore, maybe they will :)


Unknown said...

Happy belated b'day, Hope you had a amazing day!

I absolutely adore this outfit combo, you look so chic..wonderful outfit everything about it looks great!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!!! Best wishes!!!

You look gorgeous! Pink looks really good on your hair. If you're satisfied, leave it this way if you don't want to ruin your hair!
I did it on mine (I put the color foam) but have to wash it two times to get the real effect, now my hair looks awful...
But we kept our promises :)Yaaaaay!!!
Btw, I checked this tumblr page & am following it! Very good page about everything about hair!!!
Oh, and totally adore your shoes!!!

See ya on facebook & blogger soon!!!

Cheers, enjoy&lots of fun!!!

Annie said...

Aw happy birthday! Love the colors in your outfit :)

The Other Side of Gray

Monsterchen said...

darling happy birthday! i can´t believe you are 32 you look so young and gorgous, well i didn´t wanted to say that after 30 you stop being gorgous;) i was just surprised, you know i love your style!
fabulous shoes!

Akiko said...

Happy Birthday!! YOu look amazing and love the color combination! xo akiko

Style Imported

ms fashion street said...

happy birth!you have 18,girl!you look amazing!http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

Head to Toe Chic said...

Your blazer is so pretty! Happy Birthday!


M said...

happy birthday!
was SO surprised to read you're 32! You look SO young!
BEAUTIFUL! and awesome style :)


Lyndsay said...

Happy Birthday! I love your purse!

Unknown said...

perfect birthday look, I adore the colours!

how can you post your lookbook looks in your posts? I use "embed" but I don't manage to do it! thank you :)


zoë fau said...

happy birthday! hope you had an amazing day (: love your shoes in this post!
I just started blogging and my blog is quite new, it would mean a lot to me if you guys would check it out :) thanks so much!

Joana Chaves said...

I really love this outfit. I was planning on staying home just relaxing, turns out I need to go out to go grocery shopping :(

xo Joana

M in life said...

Loooovely outfit! I like it from the bottom to the top. Naïf and original.
You have a new follower! :D


Matilda said...

woow, love the blazer and the shoes!

Shawna Hynes said...

Happy belated Birthday & I just have to say, what an absolutely perfect birthday outfit! Adore the colours you've chosen & the lovely Karen Walker sunnies :)

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets

Marzena said...

Awww no way ! You're 32 ? No, no, no. You're joking. You look so gorgeous . Inredible blazer and necklace my Dear. Hyped You on lookbook :) And of course I'll tell everything about my sea trip ! Have a great time and ... happy B'day ! Kiss x

Flight of Fancy Boutique said...

Happy birthday to you! Such a nice and stylish outfit you have there. X

Dana said...

I love the peach and mint combo! Great blog and great pics!

Big City Farm Girl

Unknown said...

Fab post!


joy said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE this outfit, the pink blazer is so pretty and I love the necklace :)

Phuong said...

you look amazing, love the colors!

Travel in Style

blondebenedicte said...

Thanks dear! :)
Btw happy bithday ;) & i'm simply in love w/ your incredible BLAZER, aw! :)
bisous xxx

lizchewy said...

Incredible colour combination for this outfit!! And Happy belated birthday!!

I do like Dior makeup but they are nonetheless very pricey. I am a little broke now...



Mitha Komala said...

belated happy birthday, wishing you all the best in life! love the necklace and shoes, you look adorable <3 xx


megcasson said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!


Male said...

I love your look!!!

Marise said...

Happy Birthday :D I hope you had the loveliest day!!

Your shoes are perfect and I love how you wore them with those amazing socks!

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Great bag and love that collar of yours :)


Kate said...

Great look!Love shoes and bag!

Alba said...

You look amazing! I love so much the colors of this outfit :)


Audrey. said...

You look radiant!Love love the outfit;)
happy birthday and congrats for your marriage

Baby Budget Blog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Loving the shades and congrats on your marriage! So exciting :)


Stephanie said...

Amazing look! Happy Birthday! WOw you do not look 32! I hope I age just as gracefully :)


aki! said...

You remind me of cotton candy in those colors!

And that tumblr you linked is amazing. I wish I had the gall to paint my hair so many colors.

Femke. said...

Love it, cool colorcombination <3


Plami said...

You look gorgeous! Super stylish and chic! And I love the bright colors!



Enara Girl said...

I'm late but I want to say you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing day. You're stunning.

Antonella C’est Moi said...

Love it <3!!! Great blog, very cute!! Visit my blog and if you like it to follow me on google friends and I will be happy to follow you back <3

THE HF BLOG said...

thanks for your comment, i'm glad you did it because i absolutely loved your blog :)
happy birthday dear, your outfit was impecable, i am following now, can you do the same??


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday :) I can't believe you are 32 :O You are soooo pretty!
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Constance said...

Love this!



Caroline Robianto said...

love the pink and aqua ^^


Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

AleksandraNajda.com said...

Great colors, i love the whole outfit.! Step by my blog someday ♥

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

really love the colors! lovely shoes too. i'm following back


Lena said...

You're stunning!


Anonymous said...

suPer lovely style!!!

universeandyou said...

Sweetie !! Happy Birthday !!!

You look Stunning !! Loved the color combo and the details are so cute ! Necklace , sunglasses and those shoes are to die for !

I really hope you had an amazing time with your family and hubby ! And Love your birthday present !

And too bad that your hair didn't come out the way you wanted ! Don't worry there is always a way to fix it !


xoxo from Ellen

Gabriele Vilkonyte said...

Hello dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with blogger or via blgolovin?


have a nice day!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Belated happy birthday, pretty girl! I have my birthday coming up, and there is a lot on my wish list.

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!


Those sunglasses are awesome!

Federico Panarello said...

adorable look!!!!

Ang Lam said...

Happy birthday!!! OMG I Love your blog!!! I am def following you, follow me back if you like my blog! Awesome outfit!!


The C. Style said...

I love your shoes and your style!!!

New follower sweetie *


Kisses *CB*

Pratishtha Durga said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :) It's on 22nd may, and I plan to spend it at a spa, followed by dinner with my darling husband!

Ars Vivendi said...

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btw, your pic's are amazing!


MEANDLEX said...

Happy Birthday!!! xx


Hannah said...

Love this outfit
amazing blog!
Hannah xo

Buzz said...

Love it!

And happy b-day!


Unknown said...

Love this look!
So pretty !
really like your blog.
Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know ^^

XO Tali

Constance said...

Love the colours!



Walking In May said...

Lovely Birthday look sweety! Very cute brogues!
May x

Bella said...

Great collar!! and these colours...mniam... happy birthday and take care :)

Anonymous said...

I like your sunglasses !